CrunchNotes » Apple Sends a NastyGram

By , August 30, 2006 5:02 pm

CrunchNotes » Apple Sends a NastyGram

Another reason to move to linux or unix. Idiots…

Update:  I seem to be getting a number of hits from CrunchNotes from this link, so will expand on my short and reply above.
I have used (off and on) Macs since ’87 or so and Apples before that.  Cat (my SO) and I currently own and use two iBook G4s, but after having Apple increase the level of DRM to a most unacceptable point, quit updating the OSs.  They are both still at 10.3.9 and I have no plans to ever update the MacOS. I am waiting for a linux distro that works with the Apple wifi cards at a reasonable distance from the hub. At that point I will wipe the DRM infested MacOS’s off the hd’s and install Linux as the only OS on the machines.

This stupid email to CrunchNotes by Apples lawyers is just one more instance that the company that I used to love is now run by the legal/accounting departments instead of the geeks that used to work and thrive there. So chalk another defection from the Happy Mac Owners club to DRM and idiot lawyers.

And by the way, I noted, in some of the comments on CrunchNotes, that this SAME video the lawyer is bitching about is available on the Apple site, so I’m wondering if the situation at Apple legal is so bad that they have no idea what is going on in the company.  As I said above – Idiots!

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