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By , November 4, 2006 7:14 pm

Not that it was a bad day just a long one with very few people spending long green.  We came out with more in our pockets than when we went but not by much.  Paid for the site rental and lunch and left us with (I think) $11.50 at the end of the day.  Cat got another long woven piece done and I made about a dozen brass and copper pieces.  Not sure if the problem was our products are just not right for the venue or what but will try it again next year.

Am planning on doing a lot more of the art and craft shows.  Need to find out what else is coming up this and next month in the general area.

This was our shakedown show and overall it went smooth.  Got to make a lot more product to sell and diversify a bit more too.  Since this show was a tractor show it would have been better with the shaving horse and me shaving stool legs or something simular.  Had one old guy ask me if I made the milking stools 😉 and when I said I did he said I should make them for sale.  Which I have been thinking of but hammering out an arrow head (10 to 15 minutes) is a lot easier and quicker than splitting a slab of wood from a log, smoothing it down, boring holes for the legs, tapering the hole (1 1/2 inch hole ends up, in a 3 inch thick seat, tapered to nearly 2 inches on the bottom which takes a bit of arm power) debarking the legs, smoothing the legs, tapering one end of said legs, cutting them to length, trimming the tops if they stick through, and then putting it all together.  I get $5 to $7 for the necklaces, so to make the same (which figures to around $25 an hour on the necklaces) I’d have to charge $50 to $75 for a stool.  Maybe could get it but just don’t know.  I’ll hack a couple out and take them to the next show and see.

Sold one of my old baskets for $5 so will try making a few more of them too.  Should have charged more but the thing had been collecting dust for years.  I think I can do either 2 or 3 in an hour so should sell for around $10.

Cat sold a couple of braclets and a scarf.  Had a lot of interest in the inkle loom but no one seemed that interested in the woven product.  Guess I could build the looms.  Not a lot to them just a bunch of holes and dowels.  One slot.  Need to make one for Cat so we can get this one back to the owner.  Also was interest in the book.  Need to find where we can get them wholesale.
I think in a bigger show more geared to arts and crafts we would do better.  More affluent group looking would help too.

Think I am gonna surf for a bit and call it an early evening.

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