Zonbu: Green doesn’t have to make you Blue!

By , August 1, 2007 9:57 am

Zonbu: Green doesn’t have to make you Blue!

Steve pointed me to this new computer and while it looks interesting there are several things I wonder about.

First and foremost, what happens when the company goes under or their servers go down?

In their info limited site they say that it has a state of the art OS that is immune to virii they never say what kind of OS it is. The office productivity suite is the Sun Open Office package.

On board storage is 4 gb (i think) which is not much OS wise these days.

Price isn’t bad and the subscription pricing for online storage and OS updates is not out of sight either.

However interested I might be I wouldn’t bite unless I could use my own network storage and they don’t say anything about that in the site. Or at least I couldn’t find it. I wish them luck.

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