Zonbu: Green doesn’t have to make you Blue!

By , August 1, 2007 9:57 am

Zonbu: Green doesn’t have to make you Blue!

Steve pointed me to this new computer and while it looks interesting there are several things I wonder about.

First and foremost, what happens when the company goes under or their servers go down?

In their info limited site they say that it has a state of the art OS that is immune to virii they never say what kind of OS it is. The office productivity suite is the Sun Open Office package.

On board storage is 4 gb (i think) which is not much OS wise these days.

Price isn’t bad and the subscription pricing for online storage and OS updates is not out of sight either.

However interested I might be I wouldn’t bite unless I could use my own network storage and they don’t say anything about that in the site. Or at least I couldn’t find it. I wish them luck.

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  1. Steve says:

    Well, it has USB 2.0, and ethernet, so I don’t think that using your own network storage is going to be a problem. I agree, however, with the fears for the longevity of the company and the data that they store. That is a concern with ANYBODY that is holding your data for you. You want to be sure that they:
    A. look to have enough money/etc. to keep going for a good while.
    B. they have some kind of exit plan so that you can retrieve your data if they do go under.
    Both are rather good tricks, though. I fear for my data, and need to backup a BUNCH of things, but I would fear even more if all my data were at some distant, probably unknown, location. The points of failure increase with the distance of the data you wish to retrieve. At least, if a hard drive goes completely belly up here, I can get the pleasure of throwing the SOB as far as possible. Not much, but something…
    As to the OS, “virii-free” pretty much screams “Linux distributon” nowdays, whatever the accuracy of that statement may be. Yes, it is much more secure than Windoze (what ISN’T?), but I don’t think that ANY OS is secure to the point of being “free from any chance that someone will come up with something that can blow it up eventually.” It’s just that Windoze is there now, has been there for quite a while, and will be there for the foreseeable future, and Linux is not. It may never be, but it’s written by humans, by definition it is fallible. (Ducks head from inevitable flame from the Linux fanatics, who know that the kernel code was delivered to Linus by the Archangel Xabite, written in Hebrew C++ with all needed comments…)

  2. Dave says:

    Good points all around. And the price is attractive.

    BUT, since it seems to be somewhat proprietary hardware, are you locked into THEIR OS?

    If you are locked in to their OS, can you get updates even if you aren’t a subscriber to their online storage and auto updating system?

    Or do you have to pay for updates as with Apple?

    I’d also like to know what Linux or Unix distro their OS is built on and if they are abiding by the distro’s license.

    Dis geek wanna know, even though I ain’t in the market for anything computerish right now…

  3. Steve says:

    Good points–even though I’m not in the market right now, I want to know those things too. A lot isn’t being said on the website–how unusual, eh?
    Kayla liked the machine, especially the “skins” you could order for it. Kinda reminds me of the iMacs back in the day with the flowers and such. Computers are a commodity now, and people likes their commodities to be pretty. People will generally pay a LITTLE more to customize something, but only a little bit.
    Gotta admit, that little thing would be neat to plugin/unplug in a car, eh? Like I have a car/truck worth doing it in, but still……

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