By , August 6, 2007 11:32 pm

Stay or go? Do you read your insult in the sidebar? Does it piss you off or make you chuckle? Do you even see it? Me wants to know… 😉

Garbage Plate, History of Garbage Plate, Nick Tahou Hots

By , August 6, 2007 10:44 pm

Garbage Plate, History of Garbage Plate, Nick Tahou Hots

Sounds good to me! Gonna have to try this sometime.


By , August 6, 2007 10:23 pm


Lot of good info related to leather craft on this site. Good stuff!

Homesteading Today – Simple sawmill setup

By , August 6, 2007 10:02 pm

Homesteading Today – Simple sawmill setup

The pix below are from the 4th post down and are owned by the poster. Reproduced here for my use only. This is the simplest setup I have seen for a stable, easy to operate, sawmill. I have bits and pieces of a sawmill and a chainsaw with Alaskan mill (actually seems to be based on the Alaskan mill design rather than actually using one) that I may use to build something similar. Cool!

sawmill pix sawmill pix 2 sawmill pix 3 milled wood from sawmill

Update Dec 31, 2008 – Here’s a link to fluidp’s post on his site about the sawmill. Thanks for commenting and helping folks with it. Have been somewhat (quite) lax about doing stuff on the site for a long time now. Will try to do better… 😉

Lizzdmc Productions, LLC :: Wrong Page

By , August 6, 2007 6:38 pm

Lizzdmc Productions, LLC :: Wrong Page

Funny 404 page!

The Register: The Home of the Mighty BOFH

By , August 6, 2007 4:14 pm

The Register: The Home of the Mighty BOFH

As per the previous post here is the BOFH current year index page with the latest posts as of August the third. Enjoy!

The Register – Odds and Sods: BOFH

By , August 6, 2007 4:12 pm

Well I have been missing getting my BOFH fix for some time now but as I have been using a feedreader to check for new posts I figured I was just missing it seeing it in the mass of posts on the REG everyday. However I have switched to reading my feeds through the google reader (thereby making my feedreading portable and not tied to a single computer) and decided to see if there was a feed for Odds and Sods instead of having to wade through the hundreds of posts a month on the main feed. Anyway, I went to the REG site and found that there was a Odds and Sods feed, so I subscribed. After noting that the latest BOFH was posted on Aug. 3, I went to the google reader to make sure that it was there. But the BOFH posts were still not showing. So I tried going a bit deeper at the REG site and below is what I found:

The Register – Odds and Sods: BOFH
The Register – Odds and Sods: BOFH
Biting the hand that feeds IT
BOFH not available in feeds
Thanks for your interest in the Bastard Operator from Hell. Simon Travaglia, the author of BOFH, has asked us to remove links to his articles from our RSS feeds. We will not restore the BOFH RSS feeds without his permission.

Damn if I can figure out why but it looks like Simon Travaglia has got a problem with RSS feeds or something. So now I get to delete all of the REG links from my feedreader and try to remember to go to the site every week or so and see if a new one has been posted. If I didn’t like the humor so much I’d just say F#*$ it and forget about it, but for now will post links here on the blog for the newest stuff as it shows up, and I find it. Even though it is a REAL pain in the arse to have do so…

bullet knife gun shell brass reload weapon assault swat – (item 170136134592 end time Aug-07-07 15:10:43 PDT)

By , August 6, 2007 12:45 pm

bullet knife gun shell brass reload weapon assault swat – (item 170136134592 end time Aug-07-07 15:10:43 PDT)

Since Ebay will remove this at some point I am gonna copy the contents below. At the present time the bid (yep folks are really bidding on a rock) is at 122.50 US. Totally nuts!

From the site:

Assault Rock

In celebration of Ebay’s new firearm parts policy we proudly offer the ONLY genuine, fully automatic ASSAULT ROCK!!!! Get yours fast before Ebay decides you can’t-it seems guns have some legal standing in the Constitution of the United States (not on Ebay). Our crack team of right-wing lawyer wantabees are looking for rock protection as you read this-besides it keeps them from esoteric pursuits such as trying to figure out why liberals exist. These incredible tools started out as just lousy old Colorado granite; but have been transformed into works of art worthy of, and able to induce shock and awe!

Colors available:

Black-a most ominous color, great for swat (literally) work and they immediately strike (that’s what you got it for isn’t it?) fear into your foe’s heart while showing that you care enough to use the very best.

White, while it may look like you stole it from some old lady’s garden, is no less effective, is innocuous enough to look like a paper weight, and great for winter work, but we caution, repeated use may cause staining.

Camo-OF COURSE, why wouldn’t we-after all we are shamelessly promoting this. It is our most popular rock, and its ability to blend-in is legendary and various patterns are available upon request

Natural-while it seems shabby on our part to offer what would seem to be a plain old rock-hey the pet rock phenomena still amazes us. We felt it only proper, and in may cases it would be the best choice at being non-threatening and blending in with the environment-again, hey we want to be able to have some bogus claim to being “green.” We will send you a relatively clean rock with most of the dirt clods knocked off, postage being what it is.

The “designer” rock-custom colors, blends, and jewel be-studded upon request. Price dependant upon upgrades and jewels chosen.

All rocks are fully automatic, never need to be reloaded-as long as you can cock your arm, have a durable dollar store spray paint finish and come with a lifetime guarantee-if used for their intended purpose. Please note: most have minor natural defects that do not affect performance. Please be sure to order the proper size, the largest you can easily wield will be the most effective. It is not our fault if you bring “too much rock” and have difficulty recocking in the fully automatic mode. Remember too little rock usually results it necessity to go “Full Auto” to be effective, and this may be offensive to some passer-bys. We also caution against just going out and getting your own home grown or “reloaded rock” as these are not subject to the rigors of our process and may be easily subject to the penchant of the legal profession to file a suit claiming you are a crazed, right wing, rock loving, Neanderthal, republican, enviro-hating, SUV driving, carbon hogging, God-fearing, aberrant, pervert.

Calibers available:

Humongous-best left to the meanest SOB on the block or a front end loader

Large-for those that have some kind of complex

Medium-best choice for most, a little large to conceal, but will “git-er-done”

Small-best for pocket of purse, may require repeated cycles to be totally effective

Micro only for the well trained in the art of “rockette”-did it take a rocket scientist to know that?


Material – granite, we think

Finish-lousy aerosol paint

Country of origin USA, Colorado

Weight: varies, depends on what we can find and what you want

Color started out sort of reddish brown, maybe gray

Safeties-None-the darn thing is a ROCK! For crying out loud, what do you want and HK?

Please note: this item, due to its inherently dangerous nature, is not available to: at least the northern portion of the left coast and the land of fruit and nuts (Kalifornia and Ebay). In fact, we highly recommend that those areas IMMEDIATELY begin a program of regulating, stamping out, filing a manufacturer’s class action suit against God,( the original manufacturer), and rendering all non-military or law-enforcement controlled rocks un-useable and ineffective by super gluing them to something solid or crushing them to the size of salt grains. (Any larger and some fool might think to use them in a sling shot!!)

Please Note Again: We recommend against going “air-borne” with your rock unless you are a major league class pitcher or NFL class quarterback. Rocks out of control and personal retention may be easily turned against the original possessor-besides it just shows a lack of self-control.

HURRY!! Get yours soon, as far as we know there are only so many available, and no more are being made that are readily available, although some MAY be evolving (just had to use that word didn’t ya?)

Be sure to check out our other items-sticks, hammers, assault cars, fire-place pokers, screwdrivers, golf clubs, etc.

Above content copyright JLS 2007. May be copied, perused, abused, edited and broadcast or re-broadcast only on fear of ridicule as long as changes are apparent and the original content remains intact?????

Shipping-you must be nuts!

Called it a day due to the heat

By , August 6, 2007 12:28 pm

Will work on separating and sorting books over here (at the compound/dwelling) till almost dark and then try going back over to BSB (Blue Springs Bazaar or as I have previously called it, the yard sale trailer) to try to finish the last of the shelving in the library room.

Spent a couple of hours over there this morning starting the process of sorting and rearranging the books. Can’t even decide where the categories need to be till we get the basic groups sorted to see how many of what there is. For now I am not even working with the hard backs other than getting them on shelves so they can be seen.

And that’s not to mention the religious books that are still in boxes. Seems like there are 10 or 12 boxes of them that have got to be shelved somewhere.

The area that was the bathroom is soon to be gutted and walled with shelves. I think we can house around 2500 volumes it that area. But first we have to figure out where to store the stuff that is currently stored in there.

Bit by bit I think we’re making some headway but it’s painfully slow. Not to mention painfully hot right now which makes me move a LOT slower than normal.

Phone Number Comments

By , August 6, 2007 8:55 am

Phone Number Comments

Having problems with someone calling that you don’t know and when you search for the # there is no info? Try this site. Not every number is listed but the ones from telemarketers and such that have been reported by other folks they have annoyed will be. Have had good luck with searches several times now that otherwise I couldn’t find.

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