Long Saturday on a short couch

By , March 22, 2008 8:45 pm

Another day on the couch. Pretty much all there is to say about it. Not sure what I/we are going to be up to tomorrow. Suspect it will be spent about like today. Till then…

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  1. Steve says:

    Hope the couch gives you up soon.

    I had a varied day here at home. FINALLY got Mythdora running, though not on the machine I planned to run it on, and not on a machine that has a TV output. I’ll get there, though…as soon as I figure out a way to get the thing hooked up to the cable, I’ll see how it works–I’ll have to get a splitter and split in a place that doesn’t bother anything–hopefully….wish me luck. I guess I better reboot the sucker and see if I can log in via the web interface only and do stuff. I think so–I mean, that is kind of the whole idea behind Mythdora–but I better check.

    Had to figure out how to edit xorg.conf to get the display showing something, but after many false starts (I first had to figure out how to edit the grub file to get into single mode) I was able to figure out what to do. I changed “vesa” to “nvidia” and it worked like magic. Not ONE of the comments I found online said that, but after trying some other non-productive stuff I decided to see what that would do, and lo and behold, it worked. GOTTA learn more command line, it’s FUN! There was an article linked on slashdot the other day about why geeks REALLY like Linux, and the command line was one of the major reasons. I would have to agree–it’s so neat to just edit a text file and all KINDS of things can happen. Of course, with a little typo/ignorance, all kinds of BAD things can happen too, but that is life.

    Well, Happy (Hoppy?) Easter, and remember what Leon Russell said….

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