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By , April 24, 2008 11:02 pm

Been cleaning up some old sites yesterday and today. Found an email account on one of them that has been unchecked since it was created back in 04 that had over 65000 emails in it. Took a WHILE to get that one emptied. Was supposed to have been set to dump the stuff into /dev/null but wasn’t. I wondered why I had to keep increasing the allotment on the site size but figured that the boss was doing something and just kept upping it when he wouldn’t be able to get his email. Needed some more room for a couple of new sites and started looking at where the space was going and found this account that had over 400 mb of stuff in it that no one was checking.

So after that fun many hours, got to looking at other stuff that needed clearing out and updating and am still at it. Started at around 8 this morning and tis nearly 11 pm now. Tons of folders and old files left from before I started back in 99 I think, and we have moved servers either two or three times. Just stuff that got copied over cause there was never time or energy to clear it out. Or something. Just finished downloading several hundred folders of crap and as soon as I get another few hundred am going to burn them all to cd as a backup just in case there is something that we need in the future…

While these files finish downloading and then burning, I think I will check email and read a few feeds and when it all finishes call it a night then start again tomorrow. Till then…

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  1. Steve says:

    I know what you mean about cleanup. I have several “pseudo servers” at work that have all KINDS of file duplication on them. In some cases it’s because they are on different campuses, and I don’t really like to copy/install stuff from one campus to another if I can help it. Though having fiber between the two makes it much better than it used to be. In some cases it’s like you say above–a machine goes “blooey!”, and I don’t have timie to sort through 30 GB of stuff, I have to copy it somewhere else and get a machine going again. Going to get some of that cleanup done here soon. I swear. Have done some already, but there is always more.

    Friday! Maybe I can get a couple things finished before I come home and see if maybe I have the energy to put Barnabus (a computer rescued from a barn–yes, I know, but the neurologist said I was fine, actually…no, really, he did…) back together again and see if Kubuntu 8.04 Alternate (with KDE 4.0) will work OK on it. Hope so. And then to fight the MythWars once again!

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