Just in from the Jacksonville Fireworks Show

By , July 3, 2008 10:18 pm

Was quite a nice display this year. Seems like we have missed it the past couple of years. Went to a get together at the old Edward’s farm pecan orchard which is across from the college where they were shot off. Was quite a spread of assorted foods and I ate a bit too much for comfort, but had to try a little of everything. The fireworks started a bit later than they were posted as starting but once they got going was a solid 12 to 15 minutes of activity. Cat and I both took pictures. Not sure how many of them will turn out. I paged through the ones I took and it looks like there are a fair number of decent shots. Will download them to the computer either later tonight or some time tomorrow and get them up and online.

For now am gonna sit back and try to digest a bit prior to going to bed. Got some apples to make a pie with to take to the folks for lunch tomorrow. Going to try a recipe from FXCuisine.com Normandy Apple Pie that sounds both easy and quite good. Am planning on doing it in the 12 inch dutch oven rather than in the stove so will see how it works out. Till tomorrow… 😉

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  1. Steve says:

    Had a Friday kind of Thursday, and having a Saturday kind of Friday. Holidays…

    Did another end-of-year rollover yesterday, and then did some installing of software in a couple of labs at the high school. Got done about 7:00, hit Taco Hell for me and the son and went home. Got a good bit of stuff done, and don’t have to go in today or tomorrow to finish it up. As Yoda would say: “Much rejoicing there was!” Watched the flashes in the distance of the fireworks show from the front porch, and then saw the greatly increased traffic from same. I just didn’t have the intestinal (or lumbar) fortitude to go watch. It wasn’t too bad on the porch, either temperature or bug wise, for this time of year. Had three motorcycles go by that when we heard them (the son and I) we both at first wondered if a helicopter was coming down the road. It was three V-twin motorcycles, I guess the exhaust notes blended just right to make the “Huey” sound. Kinda funky, though–it really sounded like a Bell Jetranger was about to come around the curve at about 5 feet altitude and head on down the road. THAT would’ve been a sight….

    The son and I went to Shoney’s in Gadsden for breakfast this morning. Came back here and started some laundry, and going to do a couple of chores and then see if my back is up to redoing some computers. Got to open some cases and move some components around, and install some OSes. Going to be careful with moving the cases. Very careful. Back is getting better, but still an issue. Don’t want to make it more of one.

    Heard via the daughter’s boyfriend via his Facebook account that the wife and daughter are back in civilization in Honduras, and will be back tomorrow evening. Everything is going well. Good to finally hear something. Not many communications options in Honduras. The Internet helps.

    Well, going to try and get going. Have a good day.

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