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By , December 30, 2009 9:53 pm

“You can’t say it isn’t true” – #lol #fail Go, look, LOL!

RT @boingboing Odds of being a terrorism victim on a flight Boing Boing

out the south east corner of the south room in preparation to moving the round dining table in there.

Post Office E-Bay run done. Raining harder so get to put off unloading larger cedar posts for the present. Think I will start clearing

a bit will get back out and see if I can get some of the larger cedar poles moved under the shed to prep for putting up in the south room.

Lunch done and I am still somewhere on the other side of exhausted. Ice turned to rain and now back to drizzle. Soon as the bod recovers

unloading, stacking, and hauling inside to burn… πŸ˜‰

The fuel that warms you several times. Once when you cut it, once when you split it, once when you burn it. Not to mention loading,

Now to cool off a bit and eat lunch. Seems strange that ice is falling from the sky and I am this hot but that’s wood heat for ya.

the tractor and put it up. Came back up and Cat and I put the tarp over the trailer load of cedar so maybe it will stay mostly dry.

Got a fair trailer load and came back to the compound. Just as I was backing the trailer into place ice started falling, so unhooked

Has been dead a while and inside is good and dry. Had to cut it up as it lay as twas too heavy to move and load any other way.

and cut a bunch of standing dead cedar. Some for firewood and some for building with. Also cut a standing dead oak about 8 inches in dia.

Has been a morning. Got the large gum broken loose and dragged up here in two pieces. Then went across the creek to the cedar thicket

pile now. Gonna head to the woods and try to outrun the rain. Want to get the rest of the gum and a couple of more cedars in.

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