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Just upgraded WordPress to 2.5.2-alpha

By , May 28, 2008 9:04 pm

Probably shouldn’t be using it on a production site but have been having too many problems with the standard release and it seems as or more stable so… If you have problems please let me know in the comments. Thanks…

Logging in

By , May 18, 2008 6:38 pm

Steve says he is having trouble logging in yet again. Have not tried on Cat’s windows machine (and doubt that I will boot it to do so) so don’t know if reseting the home page link in the prefs fixed it this time or not. Not having any trouble with either the iBook or the Linux box getting in but then I haven’t. Seems to be strictly Windoze boxes that are affected. Go figure…

Better but still getting errors

By , May 15, 2008 11:52 am

Have installed a completely new wordpress folder and moved critical files over to it. Installed new plugings and only a couple of them. Went with the default template to make sure old template calls weren’t causing problems. Found and corrected a couple of page errors with the WordPress 2.5.1 “mail new password” function and got that working. And still getting server errors. Only thing left to do is download a backup of the database, have wordpress create a new one, and upload the data back in. Guess that’s the afternoon project to make sure that there aren’t problems in there causing these errors.

Gonna do lunch and get back at it…

WP Super Cache

By , May 14, 2008 1:00 pm

WordPress β€Ί WP Super Cache Β« WordPress Plugins

Just installed the WP Super Cache plugin to see if my problem is related to WordPress hitting the processor too hard. Going to install it on all of our other sites so looks like a afternoon doing updates and backups.

Site outages

By , April 30, 2008 8:52 pm

Not sure what the problem is. Went down again a little while ago after I edited a file. Been using ScribeFire to do all of the posting and most of the editing but was on the site and noticed a problem so did a edit to a file and when I went to post it everything went down. Problem is I’m not sure it was WordPress that caused it. When I went to the webhost manager the server load was 4.59 on 4 cpu’s and memory was at 48% or more. Went to the site control panel and couldn’t access phpMyAdmin at all. When the server load dropped below 2 it all came back up. So, am still undecided. There are still several folks on the WP forums that are having trouble but no wide spread problems. Guess I will post this from ScribeFire and see what happens.

Another WordPress Upgrade

By , April 26, 2008 8:56 am

Just after I posted last nights entry I noted that there was a new WordPress out. Downloaded it and installed it this morning. Looks good so far. Will see if it got rid of some irritations as soon as I upload a picture.

Burning Snowman Cookie Mold

And it looks like that problem is fixed. As well as another one dealing with positioning. Looks good! But on posting this, the picture was still not centered, just in the wysiwyg editior so that bug is still with us and actually worse as the editor now lies. Win some loose some…

The above picture of the burning snowman cookie mold is from the FX Cuisine site which I mentioned in an earlier post.

Sore arse Monday

By , April 21, 2008 9:47 pm

Yea, hell of a title but that’s been my gripe all day. Guess I over did it yesterday with the bending and squatting while working on the truck, cause the muscles in my arse have been screaming at me all day long. Along with the ones on the inside of my upper legs. Ah, will this too will pass. Just wish it would hurry…

Got the info so I could point the domain name at the new site. Got the transfer done and set up the site then installed WordPress and got it configured. Found and downloaded a theme and installed it and have several posts transfered over so far. Still got the e-commerce program to install and configure and then some cross linking between the two to figure out. Slowly, slowly, eats the elephant…

Found and modified a plug-in for WordPress to make it show the posts in the categories on the Nero Wolfe site from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom using the post ID. Had been looking at the code in the theme I am using but things weren’t making sense for some reason. Turned out I was looking at the wrong file πŸ™„ so I could have done it without the plug-in but this way I can always turn it off and don’t have to modify anything if I change themes so it’s all good!

Walked across and looked at the ground around where the boat had been and it looks like the deed was done prior to the last rain as there are no tracks around where it was dragged to be loaded into the truck. And from the paint on some rocks it was dragged. I suspect it was a couple of drunk rednecks that ride by on a regular basis and kept seeing it sitting there. Wish I could have seen the looks on their faces when they saw what a piece of crap they stole. πŸ˜†

Gonna read a few feeds and hit the sack. Till tomorrow… πŸ˜‰

Getting closer with the Nero Wolfe Site

By , April 14, 2008 11:15 pm

But not quite there yet. Got about 60 more posts to go so I’ve managed to update nearly a hundred a day in the last two days. Of course at least a fair number of that last batch are gonna be the ones that have to have the books rescanned but I’ve got that down to around 10 minutes a book for scanning resizing and other assorted text cleanup on the post so not too bad.

Once I get the last ones done then I can change the theme and start working on customizing it to look and work the way I want it. 😎

Simple Tags went weird on the Wolfe site while ago and I haven’t gotten it back working right yet. Not sure what happened other than it’s eaten up an hour or so of my evening. πŸ™ Guess I will do the uninstall bit and see if it will work when I reinstall it. Have already removed it and reuploaded it from the computer but from things on the site it leaves stuff in the database so guess I will have to remove those bits too with the uninstaller. Still working on this site fine. Damn software… πŸ‘Ώ

Found a site that still linked to an old domain name I had lost years ago and clicked on it to see who now had it and it went nowhere. Checked it in the whois and was not taken! So went to GoDaddy and bought it for a couple of years and pointed it to the site for now. New one is so now those old links out there have come home again. πŸ˜‰ Now if the folks that got my .net will just let it lapse… πŸ™„

Gonna go and try one more time to get the simple tabs working and then hit the sack for the night. Till tomorrow… 😎

The Nero Wolfe Cover Scans Site Sunday

By , April 13, 2008 10:14 pm

Nero Wolfe Cover Scans Site

Been rebuilding ALL of the posts over there. I had hard coded database code in the template to get the scans to show up in the posts a LONG time ago before WordPress was built to handle pictures the way it does now. So now that it will and does and makes it easy I am having to remove the links from the database and upload the pictures and put them in the proper places in the text. And clean up a lot of old hard formatting that I left in when I moved the site from hard coded to WordPress in the first place. And add tags to each and every post. And rescan a lot of the covers that I never got around to way back when I started the migration. Am almost a quarter of the way through, I think. But I may not be due to I haven’t gotten to the section where I am gonna have to rescan the covers. Have done 60+ posts today so far and am about done in. It’s taking a LONG time to get it all done and make sure I haven’t forgotten something in each and every one of the blasted things. One of those things I have been meaning to do for years now and would work on for a bit and then get off on other things and not get back to till something broke and… So am gonna try to get this sucker finished and to the point that I can move on to other things on that site that I have been meaning to get done also and putting off till I got this done. I think I am procrastinating with this ramble so I don’t have to do any more of that mind numbing stuff over there. πŸ™„

But I need to get back and do at least a bit more before the night is over. So will close for the nonce and see how far I can get before the siren call of sleep gets too alluring. Till tomorrow… πŸ˜‰

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