Main post set for the new round house

By , December 21, 2006 8:26 pm

To be more accurate, the 12 foot 2 inch long 14 inch by 16 inch cedar tree trunk has been placed in an upright position and braced. 4 layers of black 4 mill plastic were placed below on the ground to prevent at least some contact. Should last 20 years or so anyway.

Building is going to be 24 feet in diameter with a 8 foot outside wall height. That will give a 4 foot drop in 12 feet which with a shake (wood shingle) roof should give good water runoff. This diameter will give us about 450 square feet to work with.

Rafters will be young trees with a 4 to 5 inch bottom diameter and a 1 1/2 to 2 inch top diameter. I’m thinking about using umbrella style bracing from about 8 feet up on the center pole to the mid point on the rafters to remove any remaining sway or flex. Rafters every 24 inches at the outside of the header will mean we will need 38 pieces 15 feet long. Cross pieces can be anything from limbs to boards. Will probably use a lot of the scrap from the 3 dump truck loads of old lumber for these.

Side support posts will be every 6 feet so we will need 12 posts. The opening at the main door will be a bit over 7 feet wide to make up for an inch here and there. This will also let me put windows on the sides of the door for light.

Side support posts will rest on rock. Have already got all but 3 pieces of limestone in place. Got a lot of digging and filling to do yet but should be a lot easier with the rain we are getting at the moment. Will fill in between these post supports with other rock and broken cement to a height of about 18 inches where we’ll put a sill board to attach the bottom of the canvas to.

Side walls will start out as canvas. Have two pieces that Mihel brought over to use for spawn points but it was too heavy for the rope they had so he donated them to the cause. They are 6.5 feet wide and one is about 35 feet long and the other is around 50 or so. Should be plenty to cover the sides of the building. Alternating red and white canvas strips sewn together. Will be hard to miss.

More as I get it together. Trying to get pix as it goes up. This should be the first of many of these buildings. πŸ˜‰

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