Bits and pieces 2006-12-29

By , December 29, 2006 9:29 pm

Been down somewhat with a bug the last few days and doing little as possible.  Got out some this afternoon and cut some more cedar 8 foot upright posts and 6 foot headers and one 15 foot rafter and carried them over to the round house.  Got a couple of the 8 foot upright posts and one 15 foot  rafter cut and carried over to the site yesterday.

After unloading them all, stood one of them up on the (facing the south facing entry way) right side of the door opening and screwed 3 saplings to it to hold it in place while I marked it for height prior to taking back down and cutting to length.  Planing to put 3 uprights in place with two connecting headers and then put one primary and 4 secondary rafters in.  Will add some bracing to the rafters as well as corner bracing on the uprights and headers.  I figure that should secure it enough to add more uprights, headers, and rafters, without needing too much additional temp bracing.

And that was about it for the day.  Going to Calcis tomorrow so will be back late.

That’s all folks…

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