Saturday Night and Sunday Day

By , May 11, 2008 11:48 pm

No real biggie just long and tiring.
With the storms and rain Saturday night leaks developed or redeveloped as it were. Had one in the Q-hut roof/side that only leaks when the rain is blowing in certain random directions and it was pouring in all the right directions so we had nearly an inch of standing water in the front corner by the time I noticed it. Got the towels out and started soaking it up/damming it up to hold till the morrow. Rain slowed down so we went to bed around 1:00 am. By 1:30 got worse and then much worse so I got back up to go and check the front leak. Down the stairs and into water. The wet weather spring that has been dry for the past two years decided to become active again. So I pulled the carpet up and removed to boards and such to get to the hole in the ground where I could bail and started to do so. And bailed, and bailed. Cat got up and went in front and started wringing out towels and adding more. Rain started tapering off around 3 and she got to bed. I finally got done with bailing around 4 and back to bed and around daylight to sleep.

Up and out of here about 10:30 am and headed to Calcis, by way of Logan Martin dam where we ate lunch while watching the birds eat theirs. After eating we drove on into Calcis and to Cat’s mother’s house and after they visited a while we headed back here. Picked up my mothers stuff and went to visit there for a bit. Back here a bit after 6 pm and after changing out the towels drying the carpet again ate supper. Read a bit, and wrote a post which I then managed to kill the browser and wipe it out and hit the sack about 9 pm.

Still beat today. Just got back in from a visit with a friend who came by to get some old equipment that was wasting away in the barn. Which took quite a bit of water the other night too as the floor is still soaking wet. Am gonna eat lunch and then take a siesta and hope it help the bod catch up a bit on the missed sleep. Till later… 😉

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