Saturday round and about

By , May 11, 2008 5:43 am

Started out to go to Collinsville but instead headed to Gadsden and Poor Man’s Trade Day first. Bought some books and a couple of copper cannisters along with a pile of string and thread. Headed on to Goodwill and got a few more books, then to Apple A Day for something to drink and ate lunch at the gazabo by the water at the front of the parking lot. Rather pleasant place even with all the roads around. Left there and went toward Centre. Stopped at a yard sale and got ignored so left and stopped again at a Antique/junk place on 411. Cat found a few things and then we walked to a place next door that we had looked at before but had never been open. I saw a Delta jigsaw that the owner was asking $25 for and knew if it worked I wanted it. He came out and got a power cord and hooked it up. Worked quite well. Went in and looked at some other stuff he had and ended up with the jigsaw, a Makita 7 1/2 inch skill saw, a Craftsman router, a Craftsman biscuit joiner, a huge (minus one tap) tap and die set and some vases Cat wanted. Set me back a bit but less than just the tap and die set was worth. One of those right place, right time situations. From there went on into Centre and another junk store and got another load of books. Twas getting on to mid afternoon so headed back to Jacksonville and stopped at Smith and Hardwick and picked up some things for our Mom’s for Mothers Day. A couple of stops at grocery stores and a quick trip to the Dollar store at Lenlock and then home and supper finished off the remainder of the daylight hours. Been reading and decided to do the daily post and call it an early night, as we need to hit Flamingo to check on some books Lloyd said he was gonna bring in for us and then head to Calcis and then back to Weaver to do both Mothers Days tomorrow. So, till I type again… 😉

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