Friday bits and pieces

By , May 9, 2008 9:37 am

Had downloaded Puppy Linux 4.00 and burned it to CD last night and booted it up to try it out this morning and am LOVING it! This is the fastest I have ever seen this machine run, and so far everything I have wanted to do just works. I moved my .mozilla folder over and have all of my tabs and passwords and bookmarks and it ALL JUST WORKS! Yea I know I’m not supposed to shout but I’m really liking this and it’s still running from cd, kinda. I told it to save my prefs and file and stuff to the hard drive and then rebooted and it came right back up, really fast too. CD out and it’s back to PCLOS with just a small file on the hard drive. Going to try it for a few days and see how it works long term. I’ve tried it several times over the years but there was always something that irritated me and drove me back to a distro that used KDE but though this isn’t quite what I am accustomed to it works, and is fairly easy to get around in and so far nothing has made me pull any hair out, which is a big +++.

Went out and about today, mailed off a bunch of stuff sold on e-bay, then went down and paid bills. Stopped by the Salvation Army and got a bunch of books then headed to Oxford to go by the library to see what they might have for sale, and they were gone. Library has moved but all the signs just said to go to the new location. No address. Weird. Will check online and see where they have moved to. So went to the mall to look for some cooking stuff but no joy there, so back north to Save-a-Lots and got some groceries and then came back home. Cooked supper, ate and I got to trying to modify a couple of Cue Cats. One would kill the keyboard and the other was different to all the ones that have mod instructions that I could find. Got some more of them around somewhere but can’t find them right now. So decided to do the days post and call it a night. Till tomorrow…

Been a day of computer changes

By , May 8, 2008 11:04 pm

Or updating or something. Earlier in the week had replaced a hard drive in Cat’s machine with a new one cause hers was showing errors. After replacing it and copying everything over to the new one got to looking at the one I took out. When in the machine it was showing up with 2 partitions, one about 4 gb and one about 152 gb, and when the computer was bought it was advertised as having a 160 gb drive. But when I got it out it stated on the drive it was a 120 gb drive. Looked it up online and the specs showed it as a 120 gb drive. Put it in my linux box this morning and it showed up with one partition of 4 gb and one of 111 gb with some free space left over. Not sure what they did but her computer is running a LOT faster with another drive in it than it was with this one. And after reformatting and installing PCLOS on it this computer is running fine. No errors showing up on the drive now either. Suspecting they used some kind of compression on it but who knows. Copied all the files from my home directory over to a backup directory on the new drive and moved the .mozilla folder to the home directory. Installed everything else from scratch. Just shut it down and added a CD burner that I had laying around. Already had a DVD burner. Have a 80 gb drive as extra storage. Gotta get the files in it moved over to my home directory and/or burned to backup CD’s, then clear that one off and use it as a website test/backup drive. Tis late and I am about done in, so gonna call it a night and start anew tomorrow. Till then…

By , May 7, 2008 11:06 pm


Downloaded this last night and burned it this morning. Tried it out tonight and it looks pretty good. But it didn’t find the network connection for some reason and I was unable to find anything help wise without going online which without a network connection didn’t quite work for some reason. I figure it’s something simple but haven’t taken the time since I rebooted into PCLOS to figure out what was wrong. Another problem (for me) was that it is Gnome centric. Not that that is a bad thing but I seem to butt heads with Gnome every time I try it and this time was no exception. Will try again but for now the disk goes into the maybe someday stack…

Still doing little

By , May 7, 2008 8:15 pm

Some better today but still not doing much. Went out for a while and took Cat to the dentist, then made a few stops and came back home. Ate supper and been on the couch reading since. Not planning on doing anything else tonight but maybe reading a few feeds and calling it a night. Not sure what tomorrow will bring till it gets here. Till then…

FOTD: Taking Advantage of Starbucks’ Free WiFi

By , May 7, 2008 6:39 pm

FOTD: Taking Advantage of Starbucks’ Free WiFi

Video of 3 folks coming into a Starbuck’s with desktop computers and monitors to use the Free WiFi. Love the Windoze 95 on the one computer. Funny stuff! :LOL:

Monitor Calibration

By , May 6, 2008 8:56 pm

Monitor Calibration

For them that needs it.

Tuesday on the couch

By , May 6, 2008 8:43 pm

Another do nothing day. Guess I am still paying for overdoing it on Friday and then going out and walking around too much Sunday. Think I am doing better today though. Starting to get to where I can string two thoughts together again. Gonna finish the night out with doing little but reading, and will try to get it in gear tomorrow. Till then…

Mostly Monday

By , May 5, 2008 11:41 pm

Twas a Monday. But it’s almost over and I’m looking for tomorrow to be a better day. Hope to get more accomplished than I managed to today. Till then…

Books, potatoes, and ribs

By , May 4, 2008 10:52 pm

Went to the trade days on 431 this morning and went into Flamingos to the book stall. Talked for a bit with Lloyd, the bookseller and then got to digging through boxes and the shelves and ended up with a fair number of interesting books. Talked to a few other folks there and then sat in the truck and ate some sandwich’s for lunch that Cat had fixed before we left this morning. After eating we walked across to Bill’s flea market and got a few more books from a vendor that was packing up for the day. Most everyone was doing or had done the same so we left and went to Gadsden to Apple A Day and got some more Ribose as I will finish my second bottle either tomorrow or the next day. From there went to the Gadsden Mall and walked around for a bit. Been a while since either of us had been in there. Few folks and even fewer buying anything. Left and came back home by way of Foodland, where they had a sale on country style ribs. Should never shop while hungry. πŸ™„ Got about 8 pounds. πŸ˜‰ Came on home and started the charcoal and put the ribs and sauce in the 14″ dutch oven and about 9 pounds of potatoes in the 12″ one. Put the charcoal under and on them to cook and came in and fixed a cast iron bean pot of baked beans, honey, salsa, ketchup, pepper, dried onion and chives. When the potatoes were done put the bean pot on the coals the 12″ oven had been on and let it cook for about 30 minutes, stirring frequently to keep it from burning. Moved the coals back from the pot about 15 minutes into the cooking and let them simmer for the next 15. Was all done and quite tasty. Now we have cooked food for quite a few more meals. Froze about 2/3’s of the remaining ribs and will do likewise with about half of the potatoes. Don’t know what it is but there is something about cooking food in the dutch ovens on the charcoal verses using the oven that makes stuff taste completely different. I’ve done it in the oven but it just doesn’t taste the same. Guess its the coals against the cast iron that gives a different kind of heat. Or something. What ever it sure is good… πŸ˜‰

Gonna call it a night. Till tomorrow…

Sore Saturday

By , May 3, 2008 8:55 pm

After a long spell of doing little or nothing the amount of work and the miles of walking yesterday wore me out completely. Have done mostly nothing today other than browse on the computer, read, and put a video card in the linux box. Thought that installing the card in would just be a matter of putting it in and rebooting but had forgotten about how particular the X server on linux can be. Ended up booting up with the PCLOS cd I had installed with, logging in as root, copying the /etc/X11 folder to the root desktop folder via the terminal and then using the GUI to replace the /etc/X11 on the boot hd. Rebooted and then set it back up to run the way I had had it before. Now working much better/faster and the 32 meg of ram moving to an off board video card freed up seems to be making a difference in the operating speed of the machine too. I know it’s not accessing the hard drive as often or as much.

Think I am gonna lie back down and finish my book then call it an early night. May try to go out and about tomorrow for a while and see whats new at the flea markets. Till I type again… πŸ˜‰

Long Friday

By , May 2, 2008 10:31 pm

Today started off before breakfast with a knock on the door. Was a guy I grew up with, that I had seen at a grocery store a month or so ago, and had mentioned then that I had a car or two for sale. He had gotten an old truck that needed a motor and decided to check with me and see what kind of engine was in the Crown Vic that I had told him about. We rode over and looked at it, and at some others that were parked by it. Then took a ride down into the field and looked at some down there. He made an offer on one and left his number for me to call the owner of the Crown Vic and see if he would take a bit less for it. He would and I called him back and he said he’d take the other 3 too. So that was 5 sold before breakfast. I ate and went to unlock the gate so the roll back could get in. They got here and we talked about some of the others and I sold them 6 more junkers. Before the day was out they ended up buying a total of 14. They finished up with the last load about 9:30 pm. I’m beat and have a few less vehicles. Still have 10 cars and trucks left counting the 2 we drive. πŸ™„ They are interested in some of the others but I haven’t decided to get rid of them yet. May end up selling them a bunch of other stuff as they are interested in any kind of scrap metal and I have got piles of old washers and dryers and fridges and other stuff like that. They told me to pile it all up and they would come over and make me an offer so I guess in the next few weeks I’ll do just that.

Think I am gonna read some feeds and then call it a night. Hoping that the storms wait till daylight to get here. Till tomorrow… πŸ˜‰

Another Thursday Done

By , May 1, 2008 9:46 pm

Didn’t feel up to going to work on the saw this morning, or afternoon either for that matter. Did get out and go take some pictures and talk with a customer about a website we are working on for him for a while this afternoon. Afterwards went and got a few things at the grocery store and then came back here and ate. Other than that and spending a little while doing some more cleanup and updating/upgrading on the websites this morning have been lying down. Gonna try for a better day tomorrow. Till then…

Another mostly nothing but trying to get well day

By , April 30, 2008 11:42 pm

Think I am getting better. Will know by the morning. Took forever to wake up and get moving this morning and even after I did still had no energy and a headache all day. Kept trying to get going and do things that I need to do but getting nowhere, so ended up cleaning up and doing some updating on some of the many websites. Still got another day or two of just that stuff to do as time permits so the day wasn’t a total waste.

Had another problem with the server tonight as I posted below. After it came back up I found a post on the WordPress site that mentioned a new version of the Google plugin that fixed a slow posting that the old one (that I was running) was causing and updated it. Posting seems to be taking less time now and so far (knock on wood) haven’t had any more problems. Hoping that got it.

The problem I mentioned in a comment earlier today about FireFox not saving the logins was a checkbox that had gotten unchecked in the preferences. Still not sure how or when that happened.

Tis late and I need to be up and gone early in the morning. Got to go work on a saw and not looking forward to it, but need the funds so gonna see what I can do toward making it function. Till I type again… πŸ˜‰

Old Bailey Online – The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913 – Central Criminal Court

By , April 30, 2008 9:25 pm

Old Bailey Online – The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913 – Central Criminal Court

A fully searchable edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing 197,745 criminal trials held at London’s central criminal court.

This is a fascinating site. Quite interesting to look into the court proceedings and recordings from all those years ago. I also like the ability to view the original document, some of which I can actually read… πŸ˜‰

A Truly Extravagant Cocktail

By , April 30, 2008 7:29 pm

A Truly Extravagant Cocktail – Cork & Knife

When you look up “extravagant” in the dictionary, you may very well find the picture above. It costs 27,321 dirham at the Skyview Bar of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai and is, appropriately enough, named the “27.321”. For those not familiar with the exchange rates, I am told that it comes out to approximately $7,450 for one cocktail.

Even with getting to keep the glass, stirrer (carved out of a piece of Oak from an original Macallan Sherry Cask) and adding in the leather box, that’s a bit much for one drink. In another article I read (which is where I got the bit about the stirrer) but can’t find now, it stated that they are only going to “create” 10 of these cocktails, and that two of them were purchased the first night it was offered. There is ostintatious and then there is just plain crazy… πŸ™„

A very Monday Tuesday

By , April 29, 2008 10:21 pm

Haven’t gotten much at all accomplished today, except fixing lunch and spending way too much time staring at the computer screen. Not sure if what I am going through (and Cat has had) is allergies or if we have had a bug, or both. Today has been achy joints and sore/hurting muscles with a sore throat and headache. Not pleasant and very hard to concentrate on the things I need to be doing, so I more or less took the day off. Hoping tomorrow will work out better. Till then…

Filter Google Results by Date with a URL Trick

By , April 29, 2008 9:59 pm

Google School: Filter Google Results by Date with a URL Trick

Google can reorder search and news results from the last day, week, a few months, or entire year by adding a small string to the end of the search URL. Just add this string – &as_qdr=d – to the address bar and hit enter. You’ll get a custom drop-down box that lets you re-order results based on date.

Cool trick! And most useful too.

Found through Global Nerdy.

Albert Hofmann, LSD inventor, RIP

By , April 29, 2008 9:46 pm

Albert Hofmann, LSD inventor, RIP – Boing Boing

Albert Hofmann, who first synthesized Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), has passed away. He was 102 years-old.

Thanks for everything dude! RIP Albert…

Sierra Leone: Bio Diesel

By , April 29, 2008 9:39 pm

Sierra Leone: Bio Diesel

Well it seemed all too easy in the end as we drove off with the Binkolo vehicle literally into the sunset, intoxicated with the sweet success of motoring under the power of palm nut oil. Actually the first noticeable difference was the surprising fried fish exhaust smell. Certainly no difference in power and engine noise and the town could still hear the whooping and hollering from the happy band of bio-dieselers being transported on a lap of honour. We had won the “Stanley Cup”.

Interesting article on making Bio Diesel out of palm nuts using very primitive equipment that they made or scrounged. Good stuff!

Computer languages and facial hair – take two

By , April 29, 2008 9:19 pm

Computer languages and facial hair – take two – Just code – Tamir Khason

Very cool article. And love the comments about Lisp. Emacs forever… πŸ˜‰

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