A Bridge Grows In Blue Springs.

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And one final overview facing the dam.

Several days work cutting and nailing the pieces together. Old pallets are what floor was made of before the facelift.

Seat support closeup with crossbrace.

Post pounded in till it hit limestone.

And again

And again.

And one last time

From a different angle.

Raw materials in temperary support (butt) mode.

First arbor side cross bracing. These are made of green privit.

Closeup of center connection. Simple cut with one rock screw to connect the two pieces.

Handrail mortise.

Other end.

Another day and the first seat is in place.

Note the back. This changes as the close set boards totally block the view upstream.

Different angle with Cat peeping around the corner.

And a closeup of Cat.

And another view of the first seat.

End of seat.

Bit of the back. 4 rock screws in each board.

Another closeup of the end rail. I must like this view.

And another one of the other end with another end brace leaning on the one that is attached.

Other side started with first bench end in place.

Top arbor end. One mortise. One just nailed.

Other end.

A couple of days later with the rafters and perlins in place.

Bit closer.

And closer still. You can see the end arbors and cross bracing.

Another view.

And another view.

Different angle (and end)

And another.

In the creek.

Really in the creek.

End view of rafter.

General overview of roof timbers.

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