Free Mag 7 Star Charts

By , May 3, 2005 7:52 pm

Free Mag 7 Star Charts

Ultra-thin client to close digital divide | The Register

By , May 3, 2005 7:50 pm

Ultra-thin client to close digital divide | The Register

Right interesting piece. Thanks for the heads up, Steve!

Monday Again

By , May 3, 2005 12:03 am

And I haven’t written anything but responses to links in a couple of weeks. Well I am still here. Kinda.

Been working around here but not getting out at all. Or only once in the last 2 weeks. Even then I was just the driver and didn’t go in anywhere. Damn odors!

Got to moving things that needed it yesterday (sunday).
Removed the log from under the 12 wide.
Got the parts washer to the barn.
Moved the screen door glass by the sawmill piles till I get ready for it.
That has cleared the way to move the Clown Vic. However, to do that I need help so…
It was on to the row by the old garden.
First up was the white Fiat. Put it in the field by the Jaguar. Moved so easy I went back for more.
Put the black Fiat by the white one.
Toyota Starlet went over by the 14 wide as a friend is supposed to come get it. If you are reading this, Johnny: It’s ready to load on the roll back. One rear wheel locked up I think but may have been in gear. Didn’t look. It started moving and I went…
Then the silver Toyota Corolla had both rear wheels locked up so only dragged it up by the barn to start cutting up.
Moved two more Toyotas that are destined to be art and parts, and put them by the Fiats.
Then started the excavation of the Camiro. Had to get the bush axe out for this one. There was about 5 feet of briars and vines between the car and the drive so after an exciting time removing these I found that there wasn’t much to tie to in the back. So went to the side and started cutting brush there. Got to the fender and again there wasn’t much to tie to that wouldn’t tear stuff up so back to the back. Got the strap around the bumper through the gas fill door in a manner that didn’t cause much damage. After moving the strap to the closest tie point on the boom I managed to break the car tires free while only lifting the front of the tractor a foot or so off the ground. And managed to get it to move a foot or so at the same time. So carried on till I got it out and on the drive. Then moved the strap to the front and pulled it into the old garden area beside the Sunbird and left it till I have a driver to help pull it to the field.

And that was it for moving cars around. Too damn tired to do more than make a few half hearted swipes at the 6 to 8 feet of brush and briers between the Merc and the drive. Did get an old cart cut out before giving up so only got about 4 feet left to clear to try to pull it out. Being a beach car and rust bucket when it was given to me I suspect it will literally fall to pieces when I try to move it but gotta try.

Between some of the toyotas I did move a cedar log up to the 12 wide. Should be able to use it or parts of it for the coming building project(s).

Heard back from The Farm last night. They sent a infofmation on the stuff I ask about. Looks like Cat and I can both go for less than $400 per session but I’m still not sure I want to go that route. We may just take a few days and go camp out up there ($8 per person per day) and take a bunch of pictures and make notes on the buildings and things of interest. Or I may decide to do both, go camping and take one or both courses.

Sitting on the dam. Bit cool now that the sun has moved (or the earth turned) and I am in the shadow. Guess I will move somewhere else. Nice thing about using the tailgate of the truck as a desk.

*** time passes***

But not much. Sitting with the old desk in a new office. By the cedar thicket in the road going east then south. Almost facing the big oak. Sitting here thinking about building a tree platform instead of a deck or pavilion. I want a place we or whoever can come and cook out or picnic. Something with a floor (maybe) and a roof. Ideally 2 bathrooms (sawdust buckets and a washbasin and pitcher) and a fireplace.

But building it in a tree sounds much better to me. Not planning on the tree supporting it in any way. Piers or pilings with logs on top as floor joists. Then bamboo as floor underlayment (?) or subflooring and a thin shell of fiberglas reinforced concrete for waterproofing and smoothness. Or not. Plywood would work just as well but I bet will cost 10 to 20 times more. Now that I think about it I wonder if the weight would be much if any more with concrete over osmose treated plywood of the same thickness? Guess I need to run the numbers.

Going to look into this idea though. If the design works out I may build more around the property. Got a spot over in bamboo glen between a group of sweetgums that have grown up around an old tree that died. Spacing is about right for using the trees to support the main beams and then decking the same way with bamboo and concrete. Been reading on using bamboo fibers for the reinforcement in concrete too. Wondering if I can use a chipper and run the limbs through it to get and get small enough fibers? If not I guess I could add a screen (1/4 inch steel plate with proper sized holes drilled in it) on the output of the chipper and make it into (kinda) a hammer mill. More to do…

Getting warm here. Gonna move to the bridge.

And then to the trailer and breakfast…

And now lunch so gonna post this now and continue later.

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