Skype on linux

By , October 3, 2006 8:17 pm

Been having fits trying to get skype to work under PCLOS linux which is (has been) my favorate distro.  The push came today when I decided to move the iBook upstairs.

It’s starting to cool off a bit so is liveable up there again.  Mom emailed me and said either get the last of the stuff or we call someone to take it away.  So Sunday we moved the last bedroom suite over here and then Sunday night managed to get it all upstairs.  Along with the recliner, sofa, coffee table, desk, desk chair, and book shelves its an apartment of it’s own.  No reason the sit here with one computer in front of me and another looking at the back of my head so…

Decided to figure out why the mic wouldn’t work with Skype.  Seems that at some point the folks at pclos moved alsaconf from the installed to the uninstalled list.  With my sound card/motherboard oss doesn’t work.  So no mic.  Or something.  Anyway, installed alsaconf and after a bunch of restarts and fiddleing around got it to work somewhat anyway.  So now I can switch the laptop back to u/kubuntu and move it upstairs to use for whatever but a phone.  Cause Skype doesn’t support linux on the ppc platform. 🙁

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