Bits and pieces of tents

By , October 30, 2006 12:23 am

More pix from the Alabama Renaissance Faire. These are just interesting (to me) bits and pieces of tents.

A post and rope supported tent.

A post and rope supported tent.  Note the hard to adjust ropes and sagging tent top.

Wood stand with canvas top.

These folks have a serious stand.  This sucker has 4×4’s for corner posts and 2×4’s for the canvas roof support.  Lag bolts hold the panels to the 4×4’s.  Way overbuilt for a portable sales booth in my opinion.

Wood and canvas stand side view.

Side view showing the 2×4 rafters holding up the canvas. Weird.

Period tent with internal steel tube frame and no guy ropes.

Period tent with internal steel tube frame and no guy ropes.  This was my first view of this tent and I had to go in and ask the guy if I could take some pix.  He was very nice about it and told me a lot about it.  Seems that it isn’t in production any more and at $1500 for a 10×10 tent it seems high but he also said that he has been working out of it for 13 years now with very little trouble.  It’s easy to put up and take down and has withstood 50+ mph winds with additional guy ropes.

Inside roof peak.

Inside view showing some of the framing.  The canvas uses zippers to attach to other pieces of canvas and velcro to hook to the poles.  His only complaint was that the canvas (some synthetic) shrinks almost 2 inches on a 10 foot side with tempature cold to hot.

Round no rope single pole tent.

This is a side/back view (and the only one I took) of the king and queen’s tent.  It’s a single pole tent with no guy ropes.  Has radial poles radiating out from a hub on a central pole.  Each pole fits in a pocket in the canvas at the break line near the top.  Then the canvas sides are staked down leaving a strong, stable, and large footprint tent with only a single pole doing all of the support work.  Neat stuff!

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