Popup camper into standup round topped camper

By , October 2, 2007 11:04 pm

Got some pix today before and after working on it. Started with only one section of roof decking on and finished with one half done and the other done to the last section toward the front. Still lacking the front top decking and 3 ribs. One will be a copy of the one on the other side. The other two will have to be formed to match the forward arch of the side rib. All the bending has been done by hand, foot, bender for sharper end bends, and mallet and hammer for that final fine tuning. 😉

Moon through conduit rib

The moon through the conduit was a picture I just couldn’t pass up…

Old parts of the popup camper.

Some of the parts of the old popup camper that this one is built from. Frame, some of the flooring, and the axle and rims is popup. So far the materials have been plywood scraps, 1/2 inch emt conduit, hardwood stripping, and screws. Will be using other bits and pieces as I finish this one off, and other stuff will get used in the teardrop I am planning on building after this one is finished.

Trailer as it looked this morning

Trailer as it looked this morning before starting on it.

same side tonight

As it looked tonight from same side.

front view

Front view this morning.

Rear view

Rear view pulling, front view setup. Door in middle, ac will mount to the right, below the missing piece at the top.

left side view

Left side this morning.


Hitch. Will add a box in the hitch for batteries, converter, and charger, to keep them all outside of the trailer.


Outrigger, 1966 style.

bending plywood

Bending plywood. Grass and ground moistens the bottom and the sun dries the top, instant bend. Yes it’s cheap plywood, but should still work fine with paneling inside and plastic panels outside.

Left side tonight

Bit blurry but still shows the top is almost done. It’s right strong too. I walked on top of it after just half of it was done and it had almost no deflection. Was dark when I got the side pictured above so didn’t try again, but will in the morning just to see how much it moves now if any.

Rear view tonight

Door end tonight.

Conduit ribs

Complex curve at the front right corner. Will have to match it on the other side, then make two more for the center of the front wall that match the forward arc of the side pieces to keep the front curve flat from side to side. Almost easier to do it than explain it.

That’s about it so far. Hope to get the top outside shell done tomorrow, so I can start skinning it before the possible rain thursday and friday. More as I get it done.

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  1. Steve says:

    Dude! That’s cool! I wonder where you got the plywood. Looks awfully familiar….neat job of recycling. I guess the size could be somewhat larger, but then, you can do the bends a with a little less trouble that way too. I think–most of the wood I bent was just on the way to breaking.

  2. Dave says:

    So far haven’t broken any but some of it sure does crack a lot getting it into place. Orientation is critical too. Bends easy one way and with great resistance the other. This is the thin slightly less than 1/2 inch stuff with 3 plys. More plys and it don’t bend near that easy.

    Everything in it so far but the screws is scrap/junk/castoffs. I wanted to make it as cheap as I could and it looks like, depending on cost of caulk, I may spend $20 on it other than tag. Got less than 5 in screws so far. Cost will go up if I take it back apart and glue everything but still will have very little in it.

    Tires on the boat trailer will fit and they are real close to new. It has had adapters put on it to use these 12 inch tires. Came with 16 inch tires or that’s what the lug pattern seems to be for. Since I want to use that frame to build a teardrop, the 16 inch tires will work fine and look period. So that is a win win situation too.

    More as I get it done.

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