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Business Edition Linux

By , April 2, 2008 9:20 pm

Main Page – Business Edition Linux

Gonna have to set up a machine with this on it just to play around with. Looks like what I have been looking for in a home server.

And then we have to do one more thing to get it to work…

By , December 31, 2007 4:41 pm

Decided to do some scanning that I have been putting off. Went and got the scanner and plugged it into the iBook and the HP director program tells me that there is no scanner attached to my computer. Check Google and there are no drivers for the mac. Now I remember why I had it hooked to the Linux box. πŸ™

So decide to move enough stuff to get the linux machine going in here in the warm. Well that is gonna entail moving 2 desks, 7 chairs, one big table and the computer and assorted stuff like monitors and keyboards and mice and several boxes of crap that is sitting on and around said stuff.

4 hours or so later after moving everything and figuring out where and how to set it all up, the Linux box is almost finished updating after the move and getting turned on for the first time in about 3 months.

Cat had been wanting a LCD monitor and since I wasn’t gonna use mine I told her we’d swap them. Which we did this morning before the scanner bit. So I had to reset the size and type of monitor. Not a problem. Usually. Thing is the vertical freq was set too high for the monitor I now have. So I can’t see anything but an out of range message. Get switched to another non X console and swap the old config file for the new bad one and reboot. Tis all good again.

Finally get all the settings right and decide to update the OS. Forgot how long it had been. 411 mb of new files later, it’s still installing them. Been at it better than half an hour after getting it all downloaded. Looks like it’ll take another 30 minutes or so longer. Then I can see if the scanner is gonna work with the new gimp and sane. And maybe get back to where I was going this morning at 10 or so…

PIA Homepage

By , June 3, 2007 9:31 am

PIA Homepage

Looks like the Philippines are on the road to computer freedom. And are using my favorite Linux distro, PCLOS according to the article. Great to hear!

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