Wednesday Morn on the hill

By , May 4, 2005 10:37 pm

Spent yesterday (tuesday) cutting brush and hauling junk.

Got the fence from the qhut to the road trimmed. Still got that in front of the qhut and on both sides of the road down to the barn to go.

Got Bertha cleared off and a load of wood on it now. Loaded it last light last night and didn’t unload into the burn pile yet. Trailer tongue is moved as is Martha’s greenhouse base. Almost to the point that I can cut some trees down and start reshaping the area. Going to put a terrace in just east of the 12 wide and lower the ground level to the north except around the holly and cedar trees. Guessing either parking or drive and parking. Will figure it out when I get there.

One thing that is becoming more and more obvious is that I am going to need a large area under roof if I am going to keep much of the junk I have collected over the years. At present we are consolidating it in one place and somewhat organizing it as we go but with the cars that we are planning on taking apart we’re gonna have to have storage under roof. Trying to use tarps in this environment simply traps the moisture and rots, rusts or otherwise destroys what you have covered.

I went to move some desks that had been under tarp yesterday and upon removing the tarp the tops of the desks were ruined. No biggie as I was planning on taking the drawer unit out and using it only but still pissed me off. So…

Guess the next step is to build a large area under roof to warehouse the stuff.

Thinking about using the motor and transmission from the Mercury Zepher to power the sawmill. And a generator. And heat water. And run an air compressor. On wood gas using chips for a fuel source. Use an auger for auto feed. Also may want to figure on a hydrolic pump being driven on demand, to power things like the auger. Or just use an electric motor which will be simpler, cheaper, and easier to interface to with a computer to control the whole thing.

Few more quick thoughts here follow.

check cement requirements for building slab behind barn where shed is now.

call ragland about buying cement by the 55 gal drum

ck w johnny about brother in law hauling gravel and sand

what will it take to get the mixer working well enough to pour 30 yards or so.

look into bamboo reinforcement for replacing rebar or wire as well as using the chopped twigs and leaves in place of fiberglass.

make a crush tester. I need to build a press so have got the transport dollies. get ass to work. use pressure gauge on cylinder side of pump to monitor pressure exerted. cone in press and crush. work or not?

get inverter to run power tools from battery.

get voltage regulator for welder to charge battery.

get post hole digger from bill brock.

add handles to gravel screen.

that’s all for now. going back out and at it again.

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