Thursday Evening May 12 2005

By , May 13, 2005 9:57 am

Sitting here catching up with the last weeks postings. Been writing them on the hill or where ever and not taking time to post them. Got it up to date I think.

Came down and ate then went to work. Got the gate put up on the first post. Used the old manual hand drill to drill the pilot holes in the post. Then a wrench and/or a piece of pipe to screw the hinge pins in. Tight fit. First one hung fine. Measured the distance with the second gate to the hold and saw I was going to have to move it over a foot. So… Spent another couple of hours moving the 3 and a half food deep hole about 15 inches closer. half a gallon of water later I got it done. Hooked the post to the boom and moved it into place in the hole. Bit more than that sounds like as the weight of the post at the end of the boom was enough to lift the front of the tractor off the ground some. But a little back and fill and steering with the brakes got it in place. Bunch of rocks and a lot of dirt and was able to remove the chains and move the tractor out of the way. Bill came by about then and helped me finish filling and tamping the hole.

Another while with the drill and wrench and pipe and was all in place. Not quite as balanced but close.

Took a well deserved break.

Then to the qhut for a bite.

Finished the shelves in the junk room. Cut boards and put in place.

Back to the bridge for an afternoon sitdown.

Got to looking at all the crap along the fence row and got Bill and Neil to help hook the box blade on the tractor. Cleared about a hundred feet long strip 15 to 20 feet wide. Bill got the chain-saw and cleared branches and privet hanging out from the fence row. Till a piece hit the chain just right and popped it off. Got 4 teeth this time. Will file them in the morning. Should have put the other chain on and gone ahead but forgot I had it till just now.

Cat cut a bunch of stuff on the edge of the bank going down to the creek. Then I got the lopers and started clearing under the cedar trees. Got most of the low stuff on the 2 end ones. It’s now possible to walk from the bench across the road and along the creek heading south. Got more to clear and cut but major strides are being made.

And that’s about it for now. Till the morn…

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