Thursday May 12 2005

By , May 13, 2005 9:36 am

Bits and pieces,
Pieces and bits,
I puts them together,
And sees how they fits…

Got the holes dug for the gate poles yesterday afternoon/evening. Got the south most one in and semi tamped. Need to get about another foot of dirt out of the other one before putting the pole in place.

Didn’t get anything planted. Twas a bit too hot for me. Broke down and reconnected the ac in the trailer. Works great! Course the power bill will reflect the usage I am sure. Will take a month to see just how much it costs.

One of the next big projects is going to be digging a ditch from the compound to the creek. Scratch that. I think I’ll just dig a hole instead. There is water everywhere under this area. So should be able to just dig a hole till I hit water and use it as the source. Be a lot less digging than the ditch though under more confining conditions. Now to figure out where it needs to be.

Guess I can see if the well drilling outfit is still operational. I think all the parts are here. If not I beleve Deeprock Mfg. is still in business.

About time to head down for breakfast and then hole deepening.

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