Wednesday May 11 2005

By , May 13, 2005 9:35 am

At the usual morning office on the hill.

Spent part of yesterday afternoon mowing grass. Then Cat and I went for a walk and I just happened to have a hatchet with me so when walking by the bamboo patch cut 5 pieces that were down from storms. Still got a bunch that needs removing but a few at a time gets there too.

Need to get the holes enlarged for the gate poles. Going that way in a bit I think. Need to see if there is a way that I can brace the hole auger so it drills straight down. Guess I can lock the brakes on the tractor and get off with it all running and the auger on the ground digging and hold it but would rather have a cable or brace that gives the support. Another round tuit I suspect.

Just now 8 am. Strange how my body has changed in the last year. Sleeping patterns are completely different. Ready for a nap after supper. Up midnight sometimes for 3 or 4 hours. Then to bed for 2 or 3 and up again. Yesterday I had a nap after lunch for an hour or so. Feeling better overall so guess this may be the pattern I need.

Worked on drawings of what I want to do at the qhut/trailer junction. Pencil and paper. Not up to learning enough cad to try this. And doubt I will build it by the drawings anyway. Just want to get a feeling for the beam placement. Planning a modified timber frame using rough cedar beams. Bracing is bamboo. Lathe is going to be split bamboo and probably bamboo limbs and pieces woven together. Cans with a cement/lime stabilized earth fill and plaster should complete the wall core. High lime and earth/clay finish coat for water proofing. Figure a 2 foot roof overhang should keep it fairly dry.

Need to make a peeling spud. Along with so many other things. One bite at a time eats the elephant. Or so I have been assured.

Deer flys are getting bad already. Killed 3 so far this am. Found it works better to let them light on your head, then take your hand and run it back like you are smoothing your hair back. They don’t seem to see this move unlike when you hit your self in the head trying to kill the little bastards. They always fly away when something comes from above but this from the side seems to catch them more often than otherwise. Need to get an old safari helmet and coat the top of it with grease. Understand that works with black flys and deer flys.

Think I will go down and plant some of the onions and tomatoes. Got 5 of the horseradish plants up so far out of 7 or 8. Waited too long on some of them I think. Course since I started with 2 last year thats not too bad. I need to check with some of the nurseries around and see about fruit trees too. Would like to put at least half an acre in this year.

Procrastinate a bit longer and figure this one out. Half an acre would be aproximately 100 x 200 so with a grid of one tree every 20 feet you get 6 rows x 12 trees per row or 72 trees. Spacing on the smaller varities is less too and I would rather have mostly small tree. Guess I need to take a look when I get back into wireless range.

Need to look into solar recharged battery powered waterproofed wireless repeaters.

And to the valley.

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