Yugo runs by wood-gas

By , February 13, 2006 4:01 pm

Yugo runs by wood-gas

Soon we may all need to do this… πŸ™

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  1. Steve says:

    Amazing! A YUGO that still RUNS! (Doesn’t really matter on what fuel…..)

    You gotta wonder if he used a Yugo (no, I haven’t RTFA yet, the wife and daughter and guest are calling for me to play Pictionary and I don’t have time right now) because it was available, or because if it blew up when he tried to convert it, he could say “Oh well, what the hell…..” and not have lost anything.

    It’s probably more reliable on wood gas than it was on petrol-not that that is necessarily saying anything…..I would hate to see too many conversions done, we burn up too much wood as it is. Maybe if you had a car that ran on waste newspaper?

  2. Dave says:

    Tis not an american Yugo but is in Belgrade, Serbia, which I suspect makes a BIG difference. Also note that it is a 45 hp on gas but they figure it only has 27-28 HP on wood/coal.

    Any biomas will work. I suspect that trash wood (sweekgum, privit and such) and leaves would be fine if chipped up, dried and fed from a hopper via auger.

    I’ve got several different plans for these things and want to build one or more to use over here. There is a US gov pub somewhere that shows how to convert a tractor to this type of fuel.

  3. Steve says:

    Please do it! I would LOVE to see the expression on the face of the Weaver policeman that pulled you over and saw that contraption (excuse the expression-I sat here at the computer for a full minute trying to come up with another word but it’s early and it just wouldn’t come) fueling your auto. It would just blow his little mind…..plus YOU are one of the people who actually have fuel for such a machine, as well as the patience/mechanical skills needed. I’d LOVE to see you in the Anniston Star alongside your wood-burning velocelopede…….

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