Booth is set up at Wright’s Dairy

By , November 3, 2006 6:39 pm

Just got back from getting the booth set up.  Show starts around 8 am so am gonna try to be there around 7 to 7:30 to get the stuff set up.  Still got to go to the creek and get the bench, tools and stock.  And just saw 2 arrow heads I had made and are laying in front of the monitor.  They are now in my pocket.

Long week as my lower back will attest.  Seem to have a pinched nerve or something along those lines.  Sucker makes me stop whatever I am doing at the time it fires off and hold the position.  Got my support belt on now and had it on since lunch but still quite painfull.  Gonna have to take a day or two off when this is over.  Course the thing at Wetumpka is on through sunday so may try to make that.  Depending on how tomorrow goes.
For now am gonna finish packing stuff up and then take it easy for a bit till bed time.  Which is gonna be early tonight…

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