Abney Park Portal

By , June 20, 2007 8:29 pm

Abney Park Portal

Awesome music! Love it! They have quite a few free downloads as well as a hell of a deal on grabbing all their music via download vs buying the individual albums which I intend to take advantage of as soon as I get some spare cash.

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  1. Steve says:

    Excellent site! Nice to see a band that shares its music, and its lyrics, and doesn’t seem to think the sky will fall if people know WTF they are saying. I NEVER have understood the organizations that think if lyrics/tablature are posted online, it’s a threat. I always thought that it was free advertising. If someone likes, or is interested enough in, your music that they want to know the words, or how to play it, how does that translate into lost sales? Maybe of music books, since they have music and lyrics, but I can’t for the life of me see how it hurts music sales. Of course, I also can’t remember any ARTISTS that have gone after these sites, it’s the “industry” that does. Asshats. And, come to think of it, most books of music are not as accurate to the pieces as they are performed as the tab sites are. Maybe the “industry” should hire the tab folks to do their books for them-but I bet a lot of them wouldn’t work for the “industry”-after all, they probably have morals…

    Also, it’s nice to see a well-made (IMHO) website. The difference between this site, and the one with the plywood bicycle, is IMMENSE. Kudos to whoever did the Abney Park Portal! Artsy without being overdone, refreshing design, well-done all-around. Only complaint I have is that the lyric fonts could be a little less like handwriting, they are a little difficult to puzzle out sometimes. Minor point. Good site!

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