Wiring hell

By , October 31, 2007 11:56 pm

Been doing wiring and trying to finish up the kitchen. Still got bits of both to do but getting closer. Put in a bunch of outlets and still got at least 3 more to go. Got to take the couch/bed plywood off to get to where I can do them though. Should have waited till the end to put the frame in. Will know better next time. Bottom course of counter is done. Still got to skin the electrical but still got 12 volt stuff that goes in there too. And more smurf conduit to run to the tongue box which I have still got to build. And so on and so forth. On to the pix… πŸ˜‰

Wiring in Conduit
Decided to put all the wiring in conduit. Makes it easy to surface mount and doesn’t look TOO bad. The shelf that is there now will hold the microwave and some plastic drawers. The right end will be a table for the couch. The piece of plywood at the bottom is the end of the counter top and a splash shield and shelf support.

More conduit
More conduit. The duplex receptical on the left is for the AC. The one on the right is for the light and is switched. Fan will be controled via thermostat with switch override.

Test fitting plywood.
Test fitting the plywood. More outlets. One at bottom is for the microwave. Center one is for countertop use. One on each end of counter top will hopefully be enough.

Table side of plywood. Outlet above is for whatever. Figured that 4 should be enough for that side. Still got some at the end and the other side to put in. Hope to get that done tomorrow.

Wash tub storage
Wash tub storage. Note yet another outlet at the left under the counter. That one is for the refrigerator. And yes the picture is blurry. I should have extended the monopod instead of holding it…

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