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Site outages

By , April 30, 2008 8:52 pm

Not sure what the problem is. Went down again a little while ago after I edited a file. Been using ScribeFire to do all of the posting and most of the editing but was on the site and noticed a problem so did a edit to a file and when I went to post it everything went down. Problem is I’m not sure it was WordPress that caused it. When I went to the webhost manager the server load was 4.59 on 4 cpu’s and memory was at 48% or more. Went to the site control panel and couldn’t access phpMyAdmin at all. When the server load dropped below 2 it all came back up. So, am still undecided. There are still several folks on the WP forums that are having trouble but no wide spread problems. Guess I will post this from ScribeFire and see what happens.

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