Wired News: The Ultimate Blog Post

By , September 10, 2006 12:40 pm

It’s hard to improve on perfection so here’s Steve’s morning email pointing to  Wired News: The Ultimate Blog Post:
Since I’m too lazy at the moment (and have chipotle sauce on my hands from my Subway sandwich, also) I just hit reply, and here is another one that I found amusing:


For your blog it would be, I guess:

Technoprimitive: Mud-oven baked pizza tasted great for all the soft-BB warriors as we plotted the overthrow of the Bush administration before the Republican-funded yellow jacket/mutant sub-woofer attack ruined all of our plans. A bamboo litter was used to remove the wounded. (Click to see close up of connections and knots)


Thanks for the mind movies, Steve! 😉

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