Last couple of days work on the camper

By , October 19, 2007 9:12 pm

Been working and not posting. Got all the top pieces in. Finally! Never again will I do one quite this way. But I have learned a LOT doing it. And a lot not to do again. Getting to the point of building the interior now. Should go faster than the ceiling went. Still got lots of molding to do but that can be done most any time. Slowly, slowly getting this elephant eaten… πŸ˜‰

Laying Out The Top Curves

Laying out the top curves on the back wall center piece. This one was a REAL pain in the kester.


Getting Ready To Install The Center Piece

Got the space strips in, the jack shimmed and braced and centers marked, ready to put the center piece in. For the umpteenth time…


Had To Add Additional Shims At The Top

Had to add some extra pieces at the top to get it all spaced right.


Cat Bringing MUCH Needed Refreshment

Cat bringing much needed refreshment.


After Checking Again Time To Do The Other Side

After checking several times is time to make a pattern for the other side.


It Be In

I finally got it in. Tis close enough for now. Will add molding at a later date.


The Sketter Fire

Been building a fire the last few nights to help run the sketters off. Plus it makes for much nicer break times.


Top Done

A new day and the top is now done! At least the real bad multi curved stuff. Now all I lack is the flat curved stuff…


Last Piece In

This was the last piece I put in. Molding will hide the problems.


First Paneling In

And got the first two pieces of paneling in. Still got one strip to do in the right corner but waiting for a scrap from another cut to fill it in. Tis all scrap after all and I only have a limited amount of any one kind.


Kitchen Back Wall In

Kitchen back wall now in. These curves are not near as bad as those on the front wall.


Scrap Piece Installed

Had just enough from the kitchen wall to cut a piece for the right corner on the back wall.


View With Couch Raised

Back wall view with couch raised.


Chair Rail Trim Added

The chair rail trim added. Will take back out and paint or stain and then this piece will be used to attach the bottom shelf to. This back wall will have shelves almost all the way to the peak of the ceiling.


Toilet Side Rear Wall Paneled

Toilet will be on the left side of the back door. Got the paneling in on the end wall and one section on the side wall though you can’t see but a small section of it for the plastic drawers.


Figuring Out Where Things Will Be

Doing final layout before starting to build the framework to house the drawers. Figure they are super light weight and most importantly already built. Just got to make a framework to house them.


Kitchen Side

Kitchen side layout. Ice chest is where it will ride. Drawers are about where they will be too. Another 2 like on the other side will be to their right. When finished there will be a shelf on top of the rightmost 2 on both sides for use as a side table when on the couch. I plan to make them big enough for our laptops and/or to eat off of when sitting at the couch.


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