Camper progress Oct 20, 2007

By , October 20, 2007 11:23 pm

Still going. Starting to build the inside cabinets, toilet and storage areas. Have now stared at it long enough and finally decided how to built most of it so things should start moving a bit faster.

Fan Over Door
Added a 12 volt computer fan over the door. Still have to put paneling over the area. Wiring is in chanel cut into the wood. Paneling will be put in with screws so if/when I have to repair/replace it will be easy to get out.

Fan From Outside
The fan from outside. I drilled these with a hand drill. 13 rows of 13 holes minus the ones where the hub is. Then had to drill them bigger to increase the air flow. Don’t think bugs can get through easy even when the fan is not on. May add a cover inside for times when we want all the heat we can get.

The Toilet Area
Starting the toilet bench. Decided to use plastic on the back. Easier to clean and when leaning back on it won’t scar/scratch as easily as the paneling would.

Closer View
Closer view of some of the connections. Using mostly hardwood strips. Got a truckload of scraps from a cabinet shop a while back. Nice stuff for building this kind of structure.

Curved Wood
The curved piece on the wall is actually two pieces, each about 3/8 of an inch thick. Oak I think. Cut, drilled and then screwed the first piece in in 3 places then drilled and screwed the top piece in in 5 I think. The outside piece is attached at the ceiling with 2 screws. There will be plastic on both sides of this unit with another piece or two in the middle to screw the plastic to. The privicy curtain rod will be attached at the top and curve to the middle of the walkway then back to the wall by the top of the door post.

Toilet bench from inside
Toilet bench from the inside.

Corner Molding Holding Plastic In
Corner molding holding plastic in place. Will take it back out and stain/paint it later.

Seat Removes For Access
Seat will be mounted on the piece of plywood with the opening cut into the center of it. The bench seat will be affixed to the paneled wall with hinges and swing up and latch when the toilet in use.

Showing Retaining Cleat
Seat piece raised to show retaining cleat.

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