Tuesday done

By , July 1, 2008 9:40 pm

After looking at the situation in the Q-hut where I was planning on putting the new shelves I decided that more needed to be done prior to putting them in. So removed the rest of the stuff from the floor and cleaned everything up a bit and took another look. Decided to add an inside wall with insulation and go ahead and finish it off. Started by taking a sledge hammer and straightening the wall a bit more. Lots more of that will have to be done but the bottom of the wall is close enough for now. Patched a hole that I suspect was what was letting water in. Removed the conduit from that side or as much as I could at the time. Am going to have to move the plow points and shelving I put up yesterday to get behind it to get to the rest of the conduit. Such is life in a sequential vortex…

Removed the storm door that we were using for an inside kitchen door and relocated it to the new entry door between the Q-hut and the trailer. Had to do that to get the shelves to fit properly. Will build another door between the Q-hut and the kitchen. Or not. Am thinking of moving the kitchen to the room in the back that is presently being use to store junk. Gonna have to think on that one for a while. Waiting is…

Updated WordPress from 2.5.1-alpha to 2.6-beta2. Built a new header and put it in. And am now gonna go and get a shower and call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉

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  1. Steve says:

    Had a stay-at-home day. And didn’t get a THING done but a load of laundry. Hurt my back Monday evening, and even though we had the guys coming yesterday to pick up the junk, I stayed home. ‘Twas a wise decision, methinks, because all it would have taken was one half-way good lift of something, and I think I would have wound up in bed for a while. Doing better now, but it will be a few days until I am back to normal–or what passes for normal for me. It’s somewhat sore right now, but I just got up, and I expect it to be sore and “catchy” when I first get up–overnight stiffness, I guess. It got rather better yesterday afternoon with just minor moving around, and it is MUCH better than it was yesterday morning. Plenty I can do without lifting much at all, so I’m definitely going in. Need to talk with my boss about the rest of the summer, and have some software to install, which isn’t exactly heaving lifting, so I’m golden. Or at least better…

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