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Weary Wednesday

By , April 9, 2008 11:24 pm

Was a bit tired and sore from the day yesterday so didn’t do any more out and about the farm today but managed to spend the day doing stuff inside instead. Got an email from the Nero Wolfe mail list the content of which reminded me that I hadn’t updated WordPress on my Nero Wolfe site yet. So I go and do that. While there I realize that it’s been months and I STILL haven’t finished scanning the rest of the book covers and getting them uploaded nor all the other housekeeping things that have needed doing on that site. One of the problems with the scanning is that the computer that I use for that is in the wrong building. (See where this is going yet?) So I figure where in this already over crowded room I can put a computer desk and everything that goes with it. Move several boxes of books and shift several dozen others and a large coffee table and finally clear an area large enough to move in the computer desk. Once I clear it off. πŸ™„ Clean it off and get it moved, and the computer, monitor, scanner, and ups. Get it all hooked up and then realize that the ethernet is gonna have to be moved too. Duh. πŸ™„ No biggie as it turns out as I had already put another line in that was much too long and had coiled the extra up, just have to unhook it all as the coil is at the wrong end of the line. Gotta love the little challenges that life throws at you from time to time. Anyhow, that’s where most of the day went.

Ate supper then got out and stirred the fire from yesterday back into life and added some more scrap wood and broken limbs to it so maybe it will finish burning. Twas dark by then so came back in and scanned one book and figured out how to use the command line OCR program on the linux box. And learned a bit more about Gimp in the process of getting the pnm file to a true black and white so the ocr software will actually find the text instead of giving me a page of i’s and l’s and j’s. But now I can scan a page and only spend a few minutes correcting the mistakes πŸ˜€ instead of having to type it all in by hand. Bit by bit I think I’m getting closer. And I only have another 70 or 80 covers to scan in in the Wolfe series. 😯

It’s late and I am beat. Will see what the morrow brings when it gets here. Till then… 😎

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