By , September 29, 2007 10:11 pm

Been working on the new/old camper. Started up with the walls from the front and decided on doing it a different way from the way I did the paper design. Not unusual for me at all.

Got the front/hitch and side walls up to 4 feet and decided on yet another method of building the top. So redid the back/entry wall and bent several pieces of 1/2 inch emt into 6 foot diameter half circles. These mounted on the top 6 inches of the walls about 2 feet apart.

Started at the entry wall and bent plywood around the outside of the conduit and screwed it to the conduit creating a half round top. Only got the first course or arch done so far. Will try to get the rest of it done tomorrow. Then will cut window openings into the plywood shell and then start covering the entire thing with plastic.

So far cost is under $5.00 and that was for screws. Will have to come out of pocket for caulk, glue and maybe some other screws, but so far all the materials are scraps laying around out here. Gonna use the tires off a boat trailer that we are looking at making into a teardrop trailer so that will make the only other cost of getting it on the road the tag.

Found the waterproof hinge for the teardrop projects back hatch on an old camper shell that I am taking apart for windows for the current camper project. I really like junk…

Slowly, slowly eats the elephant…

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