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By , September 13, 2007 11:45 am

Awoke this am to find a large number of hits on this site. Turns out that Morris, the fellow with the broken hinge mount, noted my comment on his problem and put a link to it on his site. Thanks for the link! His site can be found at for those of you who wish to follow his ordeal.

Also awoke to find that the update I did at The Nero Wolfe Site had managed to break most of the picture links, which is a BIG thing on that site as it is mostly dealing with the cover art of books in the Nero Wolfe series by Rex Stout. So after trying it figure out what I had done originally to get them to show up (2+ years ago and my memory is much like swiss cheese but with more holes) I went back to the old theme (which had displayed quite broken yesterday) and for some reason it worked right off. Had to add some of the new tracking code and scripts in here and there, but considering what I had done to get the pix to show up in the first place and what I would have had to do to get them back in now, tis no biggie. I’m gonna leave the old theme in place for now and just start redoing the entire pile of covers on another of my sites in a sub domain. Hate to loose the work and the domain but that one is coming up for renewal in Dec and I ain’t gonna spring for another year. Just ain’t worth it as there has been NO income from the site in the entire time I have had it online, so fark it…

I’m trying to decide what path to take on the new site. I want to sell books on it as well as showcase my collection but I don’t want to limit it to just the Nero Wolfe series so I need to decide on whether to use blogging, content management, e-commerce, or what kind of software. I’m more comfortable with WordPress but adding the code to each post to sell via paypal can be a bit of a bother. But the amount of crap that you have to go through to get the data into some of the other programs can be worse so gonna have to cognate a bit more on it. Comments and ideas are more than welcome.

Both of us have been down with something (still or again, not sure which) after having a couple of days getting things done. I’ve been mostly house bound and doing nothing requiring being upright for the last 3. Cat is doing the bed thing today. I’m upright but just barely. Guess I will post this and then go unlock the far gate so should anyone need to get in they can. Then will most likely come back and poke at the computer some more.

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