dreamstate – Currently ranting about PC World

By , September 25, 2007 7:17 pm

dreamstate – Currently ranting about PC World
Refund for me! PC World buckle to the pressure.

Looks like PC World backed off and gave him a full refund! Great to hear that public/internet opinion made a difference in this case. What’s so bad is that it took this long and this much bad publicity to get anything done. Maybe the next time someone comes in with a similar problem they’ll just fix it and shit can the “Linux is installed so you got no hardware warranty” attitude…

Shrook v2.6 released

By , September 25, 2007 11:23 am

Shrook v2.6 released
One final note: Mac OS X v10.3 is no longer supported.

Shrook was about the last piece of software I paid for the use of. I mainly got it because at the time it was the only (or best/easiest anyway) way to read feeds from different computers and be able to keep up with read/unread feeds on them all. Then not terribly long after I paid for it, the author changed the way he charged for it, and instead of charging for the software, started charging for the usage of the site that allowed for the cross platform/multi computer usage. He did roll the payments for those that had paid for the program into the first years site fee so I can’t really complain about that. I still quit using it as I started spending more time on the linux box and less on the mac. If I was still using it (and paying for the service) this bit about v10.3 not being supported would be the last straw.

I quit supporting Apple’s stupid DRM lock-in in any financial way (no iPod or iPhone in this here house folks!) not long after I bought my second iBook G4 and am as a result still using OS X 10.3.9 which is locking me out of quite a few updates to software I use on a daily basis. I’m leaning toward Slackintosh for my next iBook OS update.

To get this post back on reading feeds, I like (and use) the Google feed reader. I keep looking at/debating the software giant vs the small software author question, but the ease of use, cross platform availability, and (most important to me) not having to have anything but a current browser to use, no matter where you are or what machine you are on, makes it the way to go for me.

Just my $0.02 worth/rant for the morning. Sorry Shrook…

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