Camper progress Oct 21 – 22, 2007

By , October 22, 2007 10:08 pm

Been one of those days. Will fill in on that part later. For now here are pix of the bits I have gotten donein the past couple of days.

Donor Castoffs
Old seat cushions castoffs after I got the foam out. Need the foam for a seat cushion for the toilet cover seat.

Foam Going On
Putting the foam on the seat top. Held in place by staples.

Foam going on side view
Foam going on side view.

Cloth we are using
Cloth we are using to cover the seat.

After feeling it decided the front edge needed a bit more pading. Cut another piece about an inch thick and stappled it right at the edge.

Back side getting started
Back side of seat. Getting ready to staple the cloth.

First side with initial tacking done
First side with initial stapling done. I end up removing these later and retenesioning it after doing the other 3 sides.

Second side done
Second side done.

All sides done and back stapled
All sides done then folded back over themselves and restapled.

Raised base going on
Raised base going on. Edge is already drilled for the screws.

Sides screwed down.
Sides screwed down.

Finished piece
After the last picture I got busy and forgot to stop and take any more pix. I pulled the cloth covering the sides down around them and stapled it on the inside.

View of right side from door
View of the right side from the door. Toilet bench to the right then storage unit with drawers and cubyholes.

Cat on the bench
Cat on the bench.

Storage Drawers
These storage drawers are locked in top and bottom with scraps of wood. To come out the wood on top of each stack has to be unscrewed.

Top storage shelves
Top storage shelves

Side shelf
Side shelf for stuff of whatever type. Cleats in corners help hold it all up.

Computer/eating table
Computer or eating or whatnot table on top of the left two drawers. Area at the bottom will have a piece of plastic velcroed to the face and store jack and tire tools.

Seat waiting to be installed
Seat top waiting to be installed. Toilet seat is glued and screwed to the plywood base. Inside edge of plywood is also sealed with adheasive caulk. Will paint the entire thing asap.

Sawdust storage and toilet
Clear tub at the left is for sawdust storage. Great odor killer.

Inside toilet storage area
View inside toilet storage area

Front bottom storage
Front bottom storage area.

Front top storage area
Front top storage area.

Side shelf bottom view
Side shelf bottom view.

Side table side view
The side of this area will be covered with a sheet of plastic.

Seat attached and hinges installed
Seat pretty much finished. When closed it seals against the foam seat. I plan to add a piece of plastic to the bottom of the seat to further seal it when closed.

More as I get to it… πŸ˜‰

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