Kitchen Plans for Patches

By , October 24, 2007 10:36 am

Got to the part that I have been dreading, the kitchen wall. Sat and thunk most of the day yesterday. With the rain it was hard to do much wood cutting so did what I could and spent the rest of the time trying out different bits in my head. The following rough drawing is what Cat and I came up with:

Kitchen plans for Patches

Counter top will be about 46″ long by 21″ to 22″ deep.

Water container will store for travel beside refrigerator and or ice chest. If ice chest is carried it will be turned sideways (sticking out into the walkway about 6 to 7 inches) to allow the water to be stored there. Will use bungees or other tiedowns to keep them from moving.

Coleman stove will be about even with counter top when in use as legs add an inch or so. May add metal to the bottom of the shelf above stove to keep down possibility of fire.

Area where word “countertop” is located is eating/laptop computer table by couch. Access to the storage cube below is from the side facing the couch.

Area in front of the wheel well will be covered with a sheet of plastic held by velcro and used to store assorted don’t leave home without it but not usually needed type stuff for camper maintenance/repair.

Area to the extreme bottom left is all electrical (120 v ac and 12 v dc from battery in tongue box) distribution and control center.

Space not needed to left, when refrigerator is used instead of ice chest, will be for trash can. Will sit in front of ice chest otherwise.

I know there are things I have not taken into account but hope this covers the majority of what is gonna be needed.

Comments, criticism, additions, subtractions, and other assorted remarks welcomed and encouraged. 😉

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