Jim Reed, on The Museum of Fond Memories

By , May 12, 2008 7:17 am

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Jim Reed, on The Museum of Fond Memories….

My museum of fond memories is filled with triggers and unexpected alarms….

When you walk down the long hallway of Reed Books Antiques/The Museum of Fond Memories, you’ll be surprised every step of the way. Passing by the front counter, for instance, a motion-sensitive black box plays the opening music theme to the Twilight Zone. Pressing a button on a small white square brings audience applause. Buttons on a seemingly innocent flashlight produce eerie screams and howls. A potted sunflower suddenly bursts into “You Are My Sunshine” and smiles at you. A mounted fish sings “Well, I’d Like to Know Where You Got the Notion,” ultra violet lights make things glow unexpectedly, and an enormous record changer plays stacks of recordings of square dances, children’s tunes, belly dances, Mister Rogers songs, Wagner operas. You may have gotten the idea by now that my shop is dedicated to the obtuse, the fun, the unusual…and you’d be right.

Interesting place, and person. Both are well worth the visit. 😉

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