Another down day

By , May 29, 2008 11:46 am

Got up this morning with hurting hands and arms and a head that is mostly non functioning. Been trying to get started on anything and having little to no luck. Did go to the barn for a bit and made/bent some S hooks to replace the bungie balls I used yesterday to attach tie-ropes to the tarp on the shelter out front. Took far too long to cut/bend and then install them but did get at least that much done so I can quit thinking about it now…

Came back in and sat down at the computer to do a bit of work and after sitting here for a half hour or so, trying to do some long overdue setup stuff on our new e-commerce site, realized while that I was doing nothing but clicking links and that the text I was trying to read was making no sense. So looks like another day on the couch reading and/or sleeping. May or may not post more today. Depends on the head… πŸ™

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