By , May 19, 2008 8:44 pm

Not gonna say I feel great but am some better today. Swelling is going down and holes in the face has scabbed over nicely. Bone is broken from just below the left cheek to the top jaw in a inverted V but I can eat all right if I’m careful. Just one of those stupid accidents. Will certainly be a lot more careful throwing boards from now on… πŸ˜‰

Am doing a lot of lying down as the pressure is much less in that position. Made the mistake of working on the lawnmower and cutting more of the weeds this morning as I felt so much better. Till I sneezed a few times and then started spitting blood again. Gotta remember to take it easy for a few days at the least. For now am gonna go and lie down again for a while longer and read some more. Will try to get up and do some work on the computer for a while tomorrow. Till then… πŸ˜‰

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