Monday kind of Tuesday

By , May 13, 2008 10:46 pm

Been trying to get it going all day but haven’t gotten near as much done as I needed to.

The server errors are getting to the point I am gonna move the sites soon. Have looked at several possible hosts and almost settled on 2. There is a fair cost difference between the two and will most likely go with the cheaper but still trying to make up my mind. Tis gonna be a lot of data to move and hate to do it but things are not getting any better so am gonna have to do something.

Spent far too much time today setting up a LAMP server on this machine here at home and then putting wordpress on it to check it all out. After I got the first copy working made a backup of the database for, copied the wp folder over and imported the backup. After some playing around with phpMyAdmin got it working on here. Now just got to backup another 7 or 8 other wp sites as well as several other database intensive sites and make sure I can get them all working after the move. Joy, joy, joy… πŸ™

Not gonna do it tonight though. Done all I’m gonna do other than hit the publish button on here and then go to bed. Till tomorrow… πŸ˜‰

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