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By , January 31, 2010 11:08 pm

May have been that it wasn’t insulated but had a 1/8 inch opening at 550F. When it cooled down to around 200F it had closed back up.

Won’t be using the ceramic flue liner for the Rocket Mass Heater after all. When temp got to 500F it cracked all the way down one side.

Last 3 movies being processed now. Says a bit over 4 hours. We’ll see how accurate it is.

and climbing in 20 – 25 minutes with wet and frozen brick. Looks like a winner if/when I can find the pipe to use for the ducting/flue.

Mocked up the basic rocket mass heater J core and have it burning outside now. I’m kinda smoky but it draws just fine. Barrel temp 250F +

Think today is gonna be a work on this and that as the mood strikes. Don’t feel like getting into any big/long term projects.

So guess that needs to get done prior to finishing off the back porch wall. Or I could say to hell with it and take a walk. Tis a nice day.

However I need to swap the post out in here and get it’s replacement and two more in to finish the loft, which needs to come in the back.

Am thinking about finishing up the wall on the back porch/workshop and putting a door in. Will evict the cats and keep it warmer in here.

One to go after that, and I can clear the files off the hard drive. Bright sunny day here. Trying to decide what needs doing the worst.

Tis morning (almost afternoon), and I have coffee in hand. Got the 3rd dvd processing, so should be about 5 hours till it’s done.

Been at the computer too long today. Vision is starting to blur too bad to read any more, so calling it a night. Till tomorrow folks…

Temps: Highs – Outside 43.3 Inside 75.0
Lows – Outside 30.6 Inside 66.9
Current – Outside 30.6 Inside 69.6

Now to do it 3 more times… 🙂

Once finished thinking about it, tis taking about 7 minutes a disk to burn copies. Work great in the standalone DVD player!

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By , January 30, 2010 11:58 pm

@robinsloan I’d just use “Hope” or “Hoping” and leave the “I” as implied. But I also don’t see a problem with using “Hopefully” there.

iDVD spent 5+ hours importing 4 20 minute .avi files. And is now rendering the menu to burn the dvd. Says 55 minutes to do the deed…

Not sure what’s up. Guess I’ll wait till it’s done and see if it actually play on a standalone dvd player.

Just checked on the progress again and now the first and second one show they are finished and the third one is showing about half done.

It’s almost finished with the first one. 🙁 Guess my old iBook is just not up to doing this kind of processing.

Started iDVD to converting 4 20 minute .avi files to burn to a DVD so they would play on a standard player 3 hours ago.

The link is for anyone interested.

Think I’m gonna watch some more of the 1948 Superman from the internet archive. Watched the first 3 last night and they were pretty good.

One of those sequential vortex kinda days. In which I may just say to hell with it all and read or do stuff on the computer. Or not…

Got to figure out what I need to get doing first. Seems like everything that needs doing requires other things get done to get to it.

Tis a chilly drizzly overcast grey day here in east central Alabama. Have little inclination to do things but need to get moving.

Temps: Highs – Outside 60.8 Inside 75.4
Lows – Outside 28.2 Inside 56.8
Current – Outside 41.2 Inside 73.2

So sore from loading n splitting firewood n climbing ladders. Suspect it will be an early evening for me tonight.

The Obama meeting with GOP lawmakers is a must watch/read folks!

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By , January 29, 2010 8:29 pm

Then will be time to take something for the aches and pains and sit for a while.

Lunch is now history. Dryer and drain vents have been taped. Ladders returned to the apporprate spots. Gotta get some more wood in.

Ah, and also need to tape where the drier vent comes through the outside wall. So that’s two more bits to get done and we’re done for today.

One more bit I’ll see if I can get to soon as my hands start working again. Need to duct tape the plastic around the bathroom drain vent.

Might not look as neat as I would have liked but tis done and good enough for a temporary covering to keep out the wind and water.

A few boards, screws, a piece of plastic, and a lot of staples and the outer wall is is reasonably winterized.

Just checked and temp is about 42 but wind chill is 33 F. Now got a toboggan on rather than a baseball cap. Ears are warming up. 🙂

Having to sit a minute in the warm and let my ears thaw out. Temp is not that bad but the wind chill is.

Exgreenhouse = bathroom. Still got a section on the outside wall I want to do something with prior to the coming rain/sleet/snow.

Got the tarp/sign plastic up on the exgreenhouse roof. Got to staple and screw the outside edge but at this point is mostly waterproof.

Had all the fun I can stand today. See/type at you all tomorrow… 😉

Temps: Highs – Outside 60.8 Inside 74.7
Lows – Outside 28.2 Inside 56.8
Current – Outside 39.4 Inside 74.5

@weavercat You forgot the sour kraut… 😉

Added half a gig of ram and a agp video card to the machine too. Runs MUCH faster now. Tis almost usable. Would fly on linux. 😉

Soooo why the hell didn’t MicroSloth’s updater to it that way? Stupidity or just their usual don’t give a shirt attitude? Asshats!

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By , January 28, 2010 11:49 pm

.net update on the windo$e machine has now failed to install twice. Am gonna try through the browser based update this time.

Doors back together and inside for now. Am gonna put one of them on the front of the qhut. Not sure what to do with the other one.

Hoping that will take us through the next cold spell. Back in a bit…

Looks like between the load this morning and what we cut and split that we have about a cord and a half of firewood ready to burn.

Cat loaded, pushed them back to the wood pile, unloaded and stacked them. Now got to go unload the storm doors. We both be quite tired…

Came back, went back into the woods with the wheelbarrow and monster maul and split all the rounds that I cut earlier.

Cut down a standing dead oak, cut it up into firebox rounds, then got a call to go get a couple of storm doors so went and picked them up.

Picked up a truckload of dried n split oak and wild cherry firewood this morning. Worked on the chainsaw after we got back and unloaded.

Was gonna cut wood today but just got a call from a fellow that has a pile I get for going to pick up. So gonna go in a few to load it.

@ScionBoo Sorry. Shoulda typed WinBlow$ but I was more than a little fed up with having to do multiple downloads of 30+ mb files @ the time.

Really hate windblows. Gonna go to bed and try again in the morning, hoping that things will have improved by then. Yea, right… 🙁

@Iron_Spike What model dell do you have? I’ve seen several that new (not used/reconditioned) power supply’s took care of all of their ills.

7 more assorted updates being installed. Hoping the hardware updates work ok once installed.

And doing a reboot. Once more to the windows update page…

SuperAntiSpyWare found only one item. Running windows updates now.

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By , January 27, 2010 11:09 pm

And home again. With a computer to upgrade (she’s on dialup) and do other things to, so will mean a trip back down this weekend.

Truck is loaded. Cat is making sandwiches for lunch, if/when/where we decide to eat. Till later, folks.

Fixing to load truck. Still got to make ONE more trip to Wally World to get last minute stuff. Hoping it will be a short trip but no bets.

Tis morning and coffee is being drunk. Water on for oatmeal. Fire going in woodburner. Must start getting to bed earlier to arise earlier.

Tis time and past to call it a night, so till tomorrow folks… 😉

Temps: Highs – Outside 52.3 Inside 71.8 Lows – Outside 29.3 Inside 57.4 Current – Outside 30.0 Inside 62.4

Note to self – When needing to cut frozen stuff or chop bones do NOT use the thin bamboo cutting boards.

Got one of our bamboo cutting boards glued back together, and the other broken one in the clamp now. Need to remember to use them gently.

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By , January 26, 2010 10:43 pm

Got about 4 days worth cut and somewhat dry now.

Still got cedar on the trailer to cut up. Tomorrow is gonna be a on the road day so maybe Thursday will be a decent day to cut more wood.

As wet as it is will take a week or more to dry out. One more round of gum to split and all of it thats cut is done.

With added shield over end of triple wall going through wall seems to be lots less drafty in here now though. Also split some more wood.

I forgot I didn’t have the draft controls closed inside. 🙁 Now tis real smokey smelling in here.

Did more work on stopping air coming in rather than work on stand. Ended up filling house with smoke as when I pulled the pipe off outside

Usually Jacksonville is cheaper on fuel. Just never know from day to day. Now to go out and see about building a stand for the plastic roll.

Gotta wonder about those places. Fuel prices are that way too. Got it at Anniston yesterday at 2.54/9 per gal and Jville today was 2.58/9.

Back from the portable dvd search. The Jacksonville Wally World had a Phillips player for $10 less than the same one at Anniston.

Will go to Wally World and see what they have. None of the other stores around here show any better prices and they are close.

Radio Shacks site sucks big time. The search for “portable dvd player” returned 102 items. After 40 items that were NOT I closed the tab.

Now am gonna have to build a frame to hold it so I can easily unroll and cut pieces off. Not sure if I want to use metal or wood for frame.

Had to air up the hand truck tires to move it around and even then was almost more than I could manage by myself.

Sucker is 8 feet wide and no idea how long. Stuff they print billboard signs on now. 5 year uv resistant. Weighs 300 lbs or more.

Had plans for the morning but tis already afternoon and nothing done. Had a friend drop off a roll of plastic this morning.

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By , January 25, 2010 8:04 pm

Hard times do call for extra barbed wire around the scrap piles. 🙁

Guess I need to put up new no trespassing signs. Have a roll of chain link fencing I need to get out and put up just to remove temptation.

Just had a sob story at the door wanting me to give her some of my scrap to haul off to sell. Hate it for her but tis my junk and I use it.

Also got to remember to get more bags. Don’t like reusing them but the one today only had about 15 minutes on it and got filled up.

Got to get another belt. Will take this one with us when we go to get stuff at the evil empire here in a bit, and see if they have one.

Second time was a take apart, cut hair n rug fuzz out of the pulley and off the brush, empty the bag, let the dust out, then back together.

Been a doing some but not as much as I wanted to day. Worked on the vacuum cleaner twice. First time a real take apart, clean, and lube job.

Temps: Highs – Outside 59.0 Inside 70.3
Lows – Outside 46.8 Inside 62.8
Current – Outside 52.5 Inside 69.1

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By , January 24, 2010 8:03 pm

Rain easing off to a light sprinkle now. Looks like the event is about over for us.

According to the radar, this is the last patch of hard rain in this band. Hope it moves on soon as I need to bring some wood in to dry out.

Of course that’s with this iBook right beside the other one. But have had it set up that way before and not had this trouble. ???????

Tis just a REAL noisy mother board. With the cd and dvd disconnected, the case on, and machine turned so the side faces the wifi still out.

Haven’t tried disconnecting the cd and dvd yet. Coming up now…

Found the case for the problem machine. Put it on and no wifi. Put a screw in and for a second it came back and then dropped out again.

Actually found it the first place I looked! And the wiring and ground is correct at the power strip. Guess it’s mother board time.

All the grounding screws are in. Case is grounded but haven’t checked to see about the line coming back here. Now to find the GF tester.

Soon as enough of the system comes up to display on the monitor (even without a video card in) the wifi fails.

Have now removed every board in the problem computer, one at a time, and the wifi interference continues unabated.

Folks in Atlanta best batten down the hatches as it’s starting to move in on them now.

Love how this band of moisture raced across Mississippi and slowed down in Alabama. Looks like another couple of hours till it moves out.

Towels and assorted sheets soaking up additional leaks in the bathroom. Knew it would leak but have plans for the new roof in there asap.

Quite wet out there. Came in and found new leaks upstairs and cleared out a shelf of books and videos to keep them from damage.

Well just spent the last 20+ minutes outside in the rain clearing and redigging ditches to try to get most of the water to run off.

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By , January 23, 2010 7:55 pm

Now installing 64 security updates since SP3. 112 mb that’s being downloaded. Folks on dialup haven’t a chance… 🙁

pick one up from over there when I go. Along with a few other odds and ends that I need if I’m gonna be fixing stuff again.

Have to get another Intel based machine up to check the processor. As I need to get a load of pegboard from the storage trailer will

Not sure about the processor, ram and assorted drives. Got to get my test machine moved in here to check ram and drives.

Virus infected machine getting updated windows installed now. eMachine tis dead. 6 caps on motherboard and 2 in power supply bad.

that I have found on the web. Next up is to try a recovery from a windows disk. Which I am gonna have to beg a friend for.

Well tis morning and the winblows machine is still dead. Have found and tried a good power supply and done several other things

Temps: Highs – Outside 70.7 Inside 71.6
Lows – Outside 45.5 Inside 58.1
Current – Outside 48.7 Inside 69.8

Love the multiple problem machines. 🙁

Also has high 5v and low 12 v lines. Gonna turn it off till the am and see if I can find a good power supply then to try it with.

Thinking the virii infested machine also has a bad power supply. Took a while to show up but now will not reboot after XP SP2.

Guess I can try another power supply and see if it will come up at all. If so can replace the MB caps and hope. Not sure it’s worth it.

The other machine is an eMachine with a pile of blowed up caps on the mother board. Which also means that the power supply is toast.

Windows SP2 getting installed now. Am amazed that the machine still runs!

Seems to be running a lot better. Am doing the winblows updates now. After they are all done will run some of the antivirus stuff again.

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By , January 22, 2010 11:30 pm

Ham is smelling quite good and still has 30+ minutes to cook. PCLOS booting on infected computer just to look around.

Monitor moved in. Ethernet cable strung. Infected computer moved to bench. Now to find a power cord and decide which linux boot disk to use.

Floor cleared. Plastic down. Carpet down. Table moved in. Now to run power and an ethernet connection, move the monitor in and start work.

so I can get the rubber entry style rugs up and out and lay the plastic down to put the carpet on.

Got a ham on cooking in the roaster. Got most of the south east corner of the back room cleaned out. Now got to move a bunch of stuff

Well, gluing the hub didn’t work, so am gonna have to call it dead dvd player, as it’s just not worth any more time invested.

Need to be cleaning out the back corner of the south room, but am just not in the mood. May be the WD-40. 🙁

Turned out the hub had cracks in all 3 of the centering ears. One had failed completely. Super glue curing now.

Finally took the time to get it where I could actually see everything while it was failing and the disk was off center. Have tried several.

Have spent all morning working on a portable DVD player and doing all kind of things to the laser and tracking assembly.

Then bug in coffee cup. Small and did not drink after seeing it but such a waste of coffee. 🙁

So far has been one of those mornings. Used paper towel that had been used to wipe up WD-40 on nose. Not a good thing to do.

Somewhat awake and I think feeling a bit better than last night. Coffee on the stove and getting close to perking. I hope…

Think I am gonna call it a night and hope to be more productive tomorrow. Till then folks… 😉

Temps: Highs – Outside 70.7 Inside 69.3
Lows – Outside 51.3 Inside 63.3
Current – Outside 53.1 Inside 65.1 – Haven’t had heat on today.

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By , January 21, 2010 8:26 pm

Guess it’s fixed… 🙂

Bend, twist, straighten, test. Works. Put back together. Test. Works. Put unit all together. Still works. Bang on unit. Still works.

Reinstalled in case and tested. Didn’t work. Took back apart and looked a bit closer. Contacts not properly aligned at factory.

in the shape of hammer and chisel to open the defective one. Cleaned contacts. Checked and it worked. Put it back together with glue.

Had a piece of equipment come in to be repaired. Had a defective relay. After determining that the part could be found used a bit of force

Gonna go to the storage trailer and get a load after we do the store run. Hoping by then the mud/muck will have dried enough to get in/out.

The more I think about it the better I like the “just put up pegboard and forget it” wall covering for the south room.

up stuff that has boiled over. 🙁 Cold water and feels better for a few, then starts really hurting again. Gonna be one of those days…

Just love (insert sarcasm tag here) the sound and smell of burning flesh when a finger touches the eye on an electric stove while cleaning

Birds are screeching, sky is a bright blue, and fire doesn’t seem to be needed so am gonna save the remaining wood. Guess it’s morning.

Somewhat awake. Still tired and sore though. Course with the night of on and off rain sleep was fitful. For now coffee is making.

Think I am gonna take a bit of a lie down. May and may not be back up tonight.

Temps: Highs – Outside 63.9 Inside 70.5
Lows – Outside 39.2 Inside 63.0
Current – Outside 54.0 Inside 65.8

Gonna have to add it to the pan with the next I fix. Still sweating a bit. Course Cat may not appreciate it… 🙂

Decided that the kraut needed something else so with Cat’s leftovers I added curry and it really made the flavor stand up and slap you.

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By , January 20, 2010 5:45 am

Temps: Highs – Outside 66.0 Inside 69.3
Lows – Outside 31.3 Inside 57.6
Current – Outside 41.0 Inside 66.0

some flex in the floor so know it needs something else. Course looking at the time I guess I need to figure on doing that tomorrow.

and see what kind of platform I am gonna have to build to set it on to properly support it. Had it sitting on cement blocks but was getting

Last insulation is up!!! Most of the seams are now taped. Clearing the bathroom floor to move the tub back in so I can turn it over

Getting the fire going again. Tis holding at mid 60’s in here as the temp outside drops through lower 40’s so is doing much better.

Got the last ceiling insulation done. Most of the seams sealed. Still got one section of the south wall to finish up and then am done.

Would also like to get the tub back in tonight but suspect that is gonna happen tomorrow sometime.

Actually have to cut and then hang it. But am rather much closer than I have been.

Wood bits in the ceiling are done. Plastic is hung. First section (of 2) of insulation is up. Procrastinating prior to hanging last piece.

Short break prior to finishing up the wood pieces. I figure when I make several cuts wrong in a row tis time to walk away for a few…

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By , January 19, 2010 11:32 pm

Another row of wood almost done. One more section to go and can put up plastic and then insulation. Doesn’t look good for the tub tonight.

And has been inhaled. Guess tis time to get back to the ceiling.

Food is getting dished out so more later…

And then there’s extending the drain pipe or actually replacing it. And other little bits and pieces that make for interesting times… 😉

Am wanting to build a platform for it to sit on like I did for the washer/dryer and just not sure what all trouble it’s gonna be.

Still hoping to get the ceiling and shower/tub put back in today. Ceiling has a good chance. Tub is looking questionable.

Or actually where a wall will be. Was plastic but took it down earlier to let the heat get out of the area I was working and sweltering in.

Got another row of wood in. One more support piece to go and then get to move furniture in the upstairs bedroom to gain access to the wall.

But first the ceiling. Hands and arms are screaming for Ibuprofen so will take that with another cup of coffee and see how they feel later.

As the floor is dirt with plastic and carpet over it tis not a big deal. Just got to get the pick and shovel in there and get started.

Then had a change of plans and now am gonna have to take some of it back up to change where the tub drain is located.

In the bathroom anyway. Or nothing this morning. Early afternoon I did get some of the floor covering back down.

Had such good intentions this am. And then came a phone call and a drop by visitor. And the morning is history with nothing done.

Temps: Highs – Outside 59.4 Inside 70.5
Lows – Outside 33.6 Inside 57.9
Current – Outside 37.2 Inside 60.4

And somewhat cleared the floor out in the bathroom for work to commence tomorrow. For now gonna do a bit more surfing and then read a bit.

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By , January 18, 2010 10:47 pm

After all there is tomorrow. And the ceiling isn’t going anywhere. But a shower would be nice. Ah, nap time wins. Back in a bit.

And doing things on the ladder when this tired is not a good thing. May take a nap and then see if I feel up to working or just waiting.

Have now gotten one more row of wood installed. Ended up with folks over. Only problem is that I am now about worn out.

Have a few pieces that are dry and can go up while the rest are drying.

Forgot the step after get lumber from pile, which goes, lay it out in the sun so it can dry a bit prior to dripping all over the house.

Now to get more lumber from the pile, clean of nails and start hanging it up. Back in a bit.

Both for less than one pound of either would have cost at Lowe’s. Stupid big box stores!

Back from a quick trip to Warren’s Ace Hardware in Jville. Got 2 different sizes of screws that I was out of. 1 5/8 x #6 and 2 1/2 x #8

Guess I need to get dressed for public and go get more screws to finish the ceiling. Back in a bit.

Am up, and waiting for coffee to be. Fire going and temp rising a bit. Bod is saying to call the day off and go back to bed.

Temps: Highs – Outside 53.6 Inside 71.1
Lows – Outside 45.3 Inside 62.1
Current – Outside 45.7 Inside 66.6

and I’ve done all of the standing on one of those that my tired old bod will tolerate today. Will start on the fun overhead stuff tomorrow.

Gonna call it a night as far as construction goes. The stuff that needs to be done next is gonna have to be done from a ladder

Platform built, washer and dryer put into place. Floor and surrounding area kinda rough cleaned. Tis starting to look like living quarters.

platform built, put in place and appliances put back in place. Guess that’s next on the list for the evenings entertainment…

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By , January 17, 2010 11:55 pm

Would really like to get the tub/shower enclosure back in place too but suspect that will have to wait till tomorrow.

At this rate doesn’t look like it’s all gonna get done tonight. May get far enough along to get the washer and drier back in place. Hope so.

First tier is ready to get plastic and then blueboard. Tis about time, too. Taking a break prior to getting the plastic out and starting.

Oh, well, it’s only time. And another cross piece will make the shell stronger. He says to himself trying to convince self not to be pissed.

Shoulda measured it rather than assuming. Has been so long since I bought it I totally forgot it was 9′ outside sheathing.

Got the first piece of blueboard in and am gonna have to put another cross piece in. Forgot the blueboard was 9 feet rather than 8. 🙁

when the battery went dead. Got about 3 of those pieces to go and then get to start fitting the blueboard. Getting closer anyway…

All the lower tier (up to 8′) bits along the curved wall are now in place. Was screwing in some end wall (south) belting/nailers whatever

Battery recharge break. Meant to put it on while I ate lunch and forgot it, so now when I’m raring to go it dies and has to be recharged.

Lunch break. 3 more uprights to cut and install and then I can start fitting the first of the blueboard panels. Highwire (ladder) work next.

Coffee breaks over, time to return to an inverted position.

Bit by bit, I think it’s starting to come together. Keep waiting for the other shoe/boulder to drop and require it to all be redone…

Will put it together as soon as the bottom row of foam is put in. Hopefully just after lunch. Which will be delayed as breakfast was late.

Have decided to build a platform to put the washer and drier on rather than continue using the cement blocks. Got all the parts cut.

Bottom piece of wall upright to screw foam to installed. Next 2 uprights cut and ready to go in. Coffee break required and being taken now.

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By , January 16, 2010 11:39 pm

to it to affix the inside wall covering to. Bit by bit tis starting to come together. In a very technoprimitive way… 😉

for several years already without rotting or being eaten by termites. Just attached on both ends now and soon to have a few upright attached

Sill piece put in. Piece of cedar that I cut and fitted in place should work to staple and screw to for a few more months as has been there

I think it’s warmer/less drafty with one layer out there than it was this morning with 2 to 4 layers of blueboard, plastic, n insulation.

But better to do it now and stay warm and somewhat dry than deal with the mess we had before. Have found and sealed many major air leaks.

Emptied 2 cans of spray foam and got the edge of the roof sealed pretty good. Hate to be using this stuff n then tear it out come spring.

Now to put some temp roof supports in and start hanging plastic and insulation.

Kinda stabilized the old outside wall. At least enough to hold us over till spring when the whole structure will come down and new go up.

Now to get on the ladder with the sawsall and see how much of the secondary inside wall I can cut out without bring the roof down on us.

So the fiberglas tub/shower enclosure is in the “living” room. Have gotten most of the debris removed from the basic demolition.

Well just got the last of the plastic down from inside the greenhouse/bathroom roof. Was hoping to do this project in sections but no way.

Moved the curtain that closed off the bathroom area to just around the toilet for now. Now to tear out the “ceiling” and put up insulation.

No biggie as I got enough under cover to do most of what I wanted to get done this weekend. Now got to find the energy to get started.

Well, by the time coffee was perked and breakfast was eaten the rains came in, so the rest of the wood is wet.

Course now it looks like that was just a passing shower. If I get coffee before it starts again, will see about dragging more under cover.

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By , January 15, 2010 9:04 pm

Not sure on the 6″ pipe, nor any or the elbows or tees. So guess a trip to Lowe’s and TS are in order prior to WW. Till later, folks…

Going to check prices on flue pipe and fittings while we are out. Or am hoping to. Tractor Supply has the lowest on 8″ pipe.

Got the mock up of the Rocket Mass Heater done outside earlier. Will mud it tomorrow if the rain holds off and then test fire it.

Got a bucket full of clay and packed the cement block along the front of the heater platform. Tis slowly drying and warming.

Up to a bit over 60 on the back porch. 70+ in here without feeding the fire since about 10 am.

Getting ready to head to Wally World. Things are starting to thaw out here in the southeast, got an inch of mud over the frozen ground. 🙁

Twas a productive day, but tis over, and I should have been abed some time ago, so till tomorrow all…

Temps: Highs – Outside 52.5 Inside 68.5
Lows – Outside 18.1 Inside 50.7
Current – Outside 27.0 Inside 60.4

Cooked at 375 F for about 25 minutes.

Omitted the sugar and with this meal was still sweet. Used 2% milk and buttermilk powder and 2 Tsp oil in pan and 2 Tsp oil in batter.

Recipe I used is the Old Fashioned Cornbread toward the bottom of the page at

115 years old. In one of those new fangled counter top Roaster Ovens.

Cornbread turned out quite good. Only weird thing is a hint of flavor reminiscent of banana bread. Made it in a skillet that is at least

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By , January 14, 2010 11:51 pm

prior to adding the other ingredients to make it moister & less grainy? May try that next time. Guess it depend on how this pone turns out.

this time. Hoping that that, and using oil rather than butter will be enough of a change. Wondering if I need to try hydrating the meal

Felines ended up with most of it. Cat said they enjoyed it. As this cornmeal is locally ground and grown its sweet so left out the sugar

Cornbread in the roaster oven. Hope this turns out better than last nights pone did. Twas eatable but was just not what I wanted.

However it ain’t gonna fix it’s self, so guess I need to go and get started on it…

2 wheelbarrow loads of wood now inside for the evenings fire. Time to get started on a pan of cornbread for supper, but am about worn out.

Bad Ass To The Bone via @AddToAny Seriously cool motorcycle!

this room from the bathroom… Just one damn thing after another… 🙂

And then the Rocket Mass Heater built. And the door to the bathroom moved. And a wall built above the thermal mass of the RMH to divide

Now to get the oak post out and a cedar post put in place of it. Then 2 more cedar posts put in and the other section of loft put up…

Last of the insulation up on the west wall. Which other than taping the seams finishes the insulation in the south room. Finally!

so decided to see just how securely I had installed it. Took 2 screws out and it came loose. Looks kinda naked over there now.

Put it in as a safety support “just in case” when we were building. Noted that it didn’t have any weight on it when moving the block earlier

Should be a LOT easier to get the rest of the insulation up. Also with it gone the RMH exhaust duct will be easier to route between rooms.

Removed a cedar post that was under the south west dividing wall between this room, the south room and the bathroom.

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By , January 13, 2010 10:27 pm

And I know this corn has never been touched by Monsanto!

Trying some locally grown and ground cornmeal too. Looks good, and some I had that was made into dressing was good. Silks and all. 🙂

Haven’t tried cornbread in the Roaster oven before. Got hot plenty quick and got the cast iron skillet good and hot too so should be fine.

Decided to do cornbread instead of wheat bread to go with the chili. Got it going in the Roaster oven now. Hope it works.

Last 2 burgers in pan now. Cats will eat well tonight. Got them a BIG pan of burger grease to fight over. 🙂

Gonna start some bread dough when we get back. Got a hankering for fresh homemade bread to go with the homebrew chili for supper. 😉

Got to make a run to the PO to ship out some E-Bay items as soon as the burgers are done. Then will be back in for the day.

Got the rest of the hamburger meat made into burgers and cooking. 6 cooked, 3 in pan, and 2 waiting to go in. Will freeze them for later.

Got the deer and hamburger cooked and added to the beans and tomatoes. Tis starting to smell like chili.

the holes in the block that the other firebrick are hiding. Guess procrastinating here ain’t gonna get it done, so back in a bit.

Went outside and got the last 3 firebricks broken loose from the frozen ground. Now need to find some unfrozen dirt to bring in to fill

Having a hard time getting it going today. Do have a big pot of beans n tomatoes on cooking for chili later, and have been feeding the fire.

Tis time and past to hit the sack. Gonna load the stove up and hope it doesn’t cool off before 2 am. Till the morning all…

Temps Highs – Outside 39.7 Inside 66.2 Lows – Outside 21.6 Inside 54.1 Current – Outside 25.5 Inside 61.3

Got another fresh pound out thawing just in case, cause no matter how well packed, 2 years in a freezer just doesn’t bode well…

Fresh From Twitter today

By , January 12, 2010 10:38 pm

Nice Bumper Bumper looks like something I would (and may) do. 🙂

Ashes and coals cleaned out of woodburner. Put a shovel full back in and rebuilt the fire. Starting to warm back up now.

@dcorsetto Not cleaned necessarily but they DO need to be inspected to check the flue lining condition & for obstructions.

Trying to get the coals to burn down so I can get the ash shoveled out. Tis two of the chores I will miss least with the Rocket Mass Heater.

Cleaned the flue again today. Not near as much buildup as the last time but had only been a week since the last cleaning.

Check out Economy Class Is Now In Session – Bet she’s a Palin supporter too.

Highs – Outside 43.5 Inside 66.4 Lows – Outside 10.9 Inside 50.7 Current – Outside 29.8 Inside 63.7

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