Is Ubuntu Linux a Sensible Alternative for Mac Users?

By , September 18, 2006 1:22 pm

Is Ubuntu Linux a Sensible Alternative for Mac Users?

I do and don’t agree with his reasoning. While it is true that Ubuntu and other linux variants that will work on the mac may not do things better or even easier than OS X, my biggest complaint is the DRM that is now entwined throughout Apples wonder os.

If you don’t like supporting a company that is doing its damnedist to take away your right to do what you like with files on your own machine, then YES make the move away from anything Apple as fast as you can.

I am still hanging on mainly because the airport software in Ubuntu wasn’t (5 days ago when I tried the latest release) (though to be honest I tried the latest Kubuntu so I guess I need to try Ubuntu now) able to connect at the distance that the native Mac OS X software would.

Actions > Mouth… I have just started downloading the latest Ubuntu to try. As soon as I can get the wifi thing working even close to what I am used to then bye-bye OS X and restrictive DRM!

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