Downtime Tuesday

By , April 1, 2008 8:27 pm

Guess I’ve hit it too hard the last few days. Ended up inside all day and on the couch most of it. The time I have been up I’ve been cleaning up books, repairing books, and looking through software for selling books, so the day has been somewhat productive anyway. Will try for more tomorrow. Till then…

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  1. Steve says:

    ‘Twas another day in the hay fever wars. I think I lost. I got some different medicine, and it made me worse, so I have given up on anything but acetominephen and time. Had a fun time installing Java on an entire lab of computers that I somehow left off when I did the image. Oops. The teacher that discovered the omission helped me, which made things go MUCH faster. I was already having to go in and do something else to all the machines anyway (ANOTHER momentary lapse of reason on my part), so it wasn’t much more trouble than it would have been anyway. It’s been a while since I left something as basic as Java (“Basic as Java”, sounds like a programming language joke…) off an entire set of machines. Nice to know I’m still human. What’s amazing is that I imaged the machines ~ August, and here it is April before the omission becomes known. I guess Flash really HAS taken over…

    I actually feel like the hay fever may be abating some this morning. Hopefully this will continue. Testing continues at both schools, so I can still hide out more than usual and work on some stuff. We’ll see what happens.

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