Another week done

By , April 18, 2008 10:51 pm

Got a fair amount done today. Nothing much finished but with website building that never seems to happen very fast. Bought another domain name for our e-commerce site. Will post the links as soon as I get more of it built. Built the new domain and linked the name to it. Installed WordPress 2.5 as the front end/home page and general information/content management program. Installed OSCommerce as the e-commerce program as it used to be able to import large amounts of formatted data and I have worked with it several times in the past so am at least somewhat familiar with how badly it’s guts are designed and just how hard it is to make it look the way I want it to.

Have a new site to design and build for a customer also. Got the info that was supposed to allow us to move the domain to our control but something is not working and the guy is out of town till monday at the earliest. I did get the old site files downloaded and on the hard drive here but can’t create the new domain till the transfer of the name is made. So waiting is on this one for now.

Then spent the afternoon and most of the evening trying to get header graphics somewhat the way I want them for our site. Then trying too get the text in the positions I want it. Then throwing it all away and starting over again from scratch. Again. And again. Got them close and I know a LOT more about the way both programs handle certain things now. Which will be handy for the work coming up with this other site so I’m marking it all off to experience and moving on to the next problem.

They got the DNS problem fixed by this morning. Still have no idea what it was but it all works now which is the important thing but I’d still like to know. Second time in a little over 2 years it has happened with the same domain names in the same way with the same hosting service.

Tis late and I ran out of Ribose yesterday so am out of energy tonight. Got to go to Gadsden tomorrow morning and get some more. Gonna call it a night and start again tomorrow. Till then…. πŸ˜‰

Sydney Dowse – Telegraph

By , April 18, 2008 2:53 pm

Sydney Dowse – Telegraph

Sydney Dowse, who died on Thursday aged 89, was one of the principal constructors of the tunnel used in the Great Escape; he was among those who got away, and was at large for 14 days before being recaptured and sent to the “death camp” at Sachsenhausen, where he dug another tunnel to gain a few more days of freedom.

Quite a remarkable man who lead one hell of a charmed life!

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