Some days are best left unbloggd

By , April 19, 2008 9:44 pm

Like parts of this one. Parts of it just pissed me off and then there were a couple of minutes here and there that were kind of okay.

My monitor has been getting worse and worse for a while now but money is not so I’ve been putting up with it and using the laptop mostly (like now). But I’ve got this site to build for money and one of the things I set as a requirement to do it is a new monitor. Got on line last night and looked at what was available. Wally world had the best prices on a 20″ lcd and the one in Gadsden showed to have it in stock. Since I needed to go that way this morning to get the Ribose anyway I checked the bank balance and decided we could afford to get it now as long as the money was gonna come in from the job fairly quickly and it’s supposed to. Checked again this morning and the online wally world is still showing iit in stock there so away we go. Get there and get some MSM in the pharmacy section and also look to see if they carry Ribose. Don’t see any so ask at the pharmacy window and am told that if they have it it will be on the shelf. No offer to look it up and see if they can get it. I thank her for her non assistance and walk away. I’m in the damn store and that alone pisses me off and her attitude and gum smacking was over the edge. Should have just left right then but wanted the monitor. Go back to electronics and look. Everywhere. They have a few but the ones they have out are all priced 30 to 40 bucks over what I saw online. Finally ask a guy if they have this model, which I had written down. He says they may have it in the back and goes to check. Comes back with it in hand and it too is 40 bucks over what they have it for on line. I tell him as much. He’s polite and explains that they have higher prices than online but that I can order online and have it shipped to the store for free in most cases and they will call when it comes in. I think him and get the hell out of the store. Something in all of their stores drives my blood pressure through the roof. Not sure if it is the Chinese air or what but it does it to me every time I go in one. By the time I leave I am ready and wanting to hit someone for anything or even nothing. πŸ‘Ώ

Went to Goodwill and got some books πŸ™„ then to Apple A Day and got the Ribose. By then I needed to eat so we stopped and got stuff for sandwiches and after a non blogged period of time, went and sat by the river and fended off ducks while we ate. I told them that if they got much closer I would have duck for dinner and meant it. One was so brazen I had to kick his tail feathers to make him move so I could get stuff cleaned up so we could leave, and we were in a parking lot sitting in the back of the van. Cat got pictures of the not so little beggars and I’ll try to remember to post them when she gets them off the camera.

Went from there to the Gadsden Salvation Army which was quite disappointing. Cat got a few books but there was nothing I was interested in. From there came back home, I took a dose of the Ribose and then took a nap. Woke up feeling a lot better but still not too good. Been reading mostly since.

I did spend some time looking for lcd monitors online but found none that are any cheaper than the one from wally world. Guess if I want one it’ll have to be ordered. May go and look around a bit tomorrow at some of the stores and see if anyone has something on sale though I doubt its gonna be even close size, resolution and/or price wise.

Gonna read a bit longer then call it a night. Till tomorrow…

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