DIY Organic Fly Trap –

By , April 10, 2008 9:05 pm

DIY Organic Fly Trap –

Update – They have posted drawings and rewritten the original article so that it is MUCH clearer now! Thanks folks, it makes a LOT more sense than what I was getting from the text the first time around!

Looks like what I was visualizing was upside down which I wondered about at the time, which is why I kept going back and rereading and trying to get some picture in my head of what they were doing.

Please note that I was NOT attacking the article or author but simply trying to understand how to build this device and having trouble understanding the original textual instructions without having some visual aid to assist me.

Thanks again for taking the time to clear up the text and for adding the drawings of the construction of this inexpensive and easy to construct fly trap. I’ll be building several of these asap.


Had a couple of comments on this article since the one of Steve’s, that I am moving to another post all their own so I can discuss some of the points they bring up in more detail than is possible in the comments section of this blog. The new post is located at – Update on Organic DIY Flytrap –

Original post follows –

Okay, I’ve read this article about half a dozen times now and without pictures or drawings I only vaguely understand what they are talking about and what I do get isn’t making sense.

What I seem to be getting is that the bottle bottom is now the top with the wire Y piercing it to hang by and the top of the bottle being inside the bottom with the cut off neck facing the round bottom. Then the seam where the two meet is taped together and the water and bait is supposed to be held in by the taped seam.

Do we cut off the screw neck so they don’t have a place to land? Yellow tape? What kind of yellow tape is gonna make a water tight seal? I’d think some kind of glue or caulk would work better. That is if I am visualizing this correctly.

Guess I am just being dense tonight. Will reread it tomorrow and see it there is a light bulb lit then. Of course if the author had bothered to include pictures or even a basic drawing I (and all the other really dense folk out here in reader land) wouldn’t be having to try to figure out what the hell they are talking about.

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  1. Steve says:

    WTF? Is their bandwidth so bad that they can’t use a little for a picture? Did this post on April 1st or something? I can’t visualize it either. Of course, I’m not too good at visualizing things from a sketchy description, but I kinda thought that was the whole point of pictures…or a diagram, even…

  2. […] They posted drawings to go with the article! NOW it makes sense! And is also what I thought it was on first quick read through, but not what I got on further reading, which I posted about in the previous article which can be found here. […]

  3. Steve says:

    OK. It does make sense now, and with the drawing, you don’t really need the text, and with the text and no drawing, it is kinda confusing. Didn’t mean to sound mean, or stupid, in my first post, but a picture IS worth ten thousand words.

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